Drivers of vehicles with coloured lights will be charged – Police


The Guyana Police Force has issued a stern warning to drivers and owners of vehicles with blue or green lights.

“This practice is illegal and should ceased forthwith,” the Force reminded in a statement.

Police Headquarters say it has observed that vehicle operators are affixing these coloured lights to the front of their vehicles.

“The Guyana Police Force Traffic Department wishes to advise owners and drivers who are guilty of this illegal practice, to desist from affixing these lights on their vehicles or face the consequences of being prosecuted.”

Regulation 34 (1) (a) of the Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Act, Chapter 51:02 states: “Every motor vehicle, the width of which does not exceed seven feet, other than a two-wheeled motorcycle not having a side car attached thereto and an invalid carriage, on any road, during the hours of darkness shall carry two lamps, each showing to the front a white light visible from a reasonable distance”.



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