North Pakaraima Mountain Safari takes off this weekend


The 17th Annual Pakaraima Mountain Safari 2019 is expected to kick off this Saturday, as close to 100 persons including tourists from Korea and North American countries will explore the scenic beauty of Guyana’s mountainous regions.

The safari is organised by the Pakaraima Safari Club and Rainforest Tours in collaboration with the Guyana Tourism Authority, the Administrations of Regions 8 & 9 and the Communities Ministry.

It will run for eight days and will see participants exploring 14 indigenous villages throughout Regions 4, 8, 9 and 10, mainly Karasabai, Tiperu, Rukumoto, Morabaiko, Yurong Paru, Monkey Mountain, Tuseneung, Paramakatoi, Kato, Kurubabaru, Itabac and Orinduik.

Some 20 4X4 vehicles along with 13 bikes of voyagers will then visit the Orinduik, Cheong and Lehilibar waterfalls and then journey to Lethem where participants will experience the Rupununi Rodeo.

According to Lisa Smith, Assistant Safari Coordinator, three such sarafi’s are hosted annually however, the North Pakaraima Safari is the biggest of them all.

“It is once again an exciting time for Rainforest Tours as we seek to promote adventure nature tourism through an event such as this. This safari is our biggest safari for the year andf the overlying journey has created a special impact in the lives of many safarians who continue to participate yearly with family and friends.

“This year’s event seeks to promote adventure nature and domestic tourism in Guyana providing substantial economic benefits to the local community and residents, creating community awareness understanding and support for tourism development and to conserve and protect the natural environment as well as assuring respect to customs tradition and cultural heritage of the local people”  Smith highlighted.

GTA’s Deputy Director, Carla Chandra said that the Pakaraima Safari takes the cake as the ultimate up close and personal experience in Guyana.

According to her, the excitement starts as soon as the journey out of Georgetown begins and as such, the safari is one of the reasons why Guyana was awarded the number one Eco Tourism destination in the world.

“By now I trust that everyone in Guyana is aware that we just was recently won the number on Eco Tourism destination award in the world but in order for us to stay on top we can only do so by improving our product, our experience and our sustainable practices” Chandra encouraged.

Junior Minister of Indigenous peoples Affairs, Valarie Garrido Lowe described the safari as a wonderful experience which is unmatched.

She applauded Frank Singh, one of the key organisers, for his commitment to the continued promotion of the safari and recognized its growth.

“I’d like to thanks him for his sustained effort in this Pakaraima Safari going every single year, it is not an easy task but I think that it has grown and people are coming on board quite willingly now and he has limited spaces and its really great. As a Government, we will of course make good roads there especially with the impending oil” the Minister revealed.

She noted that Guyana’s attraction is in the hinterland and as such encouraged Guyanese take the journey.

GUYOIL which continues to support the event, will this year be donating footwear to several villages along the Pakaraima Mountains.


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