Doctor should have managed maternal death at DDC better- Norton on report

Carol Suniram who died at the Diamond Diagnostic Centre

The report on Carol Suniram, who died at the Diamond Diagnostic Centre (DDC) in July of this year after carrying a five month old baby inside of her womb for five days, has disclosed that the physician should have better managed the situation.

Carol Suniram who died at the Diamond Diagnostic Centre
Carol Suniram who died at the Diamond Diagnostic Centre

This information was revealed by Public Health Minister, Dr George Norton who stated that the report recommended that the doctor be further trained.

Norton’s response to questions of whether the doctor, or any of the medical personnel who last dealt with Suniram, will be sanctioned was that the decision is in the hands of the Chief Medical Officer, Shamdeo Persaud. 

He noted further that Persaud can order for the physician to be sent to the Medical Council for them to decide whether he should be taken to the Disciplinary Committee which is chaired by a sitting judge.

Suniram, a mother of four was pronounced dead at the Diamond Diagnostic Centre on July 5, 2016 after carrying a dead baby inside her womb for five days.

The 39-year-old woman of Diamond Housing Scheme, East Bank Demerara, had suffered a miscarriage on July 1, 2016 and was prescribed pills by a doctor at the medical facility which was supposed to assist in her “passing out” the five-month-old foetus.

“She told me that she lose the baby and that it still inside of her, so I tell her come leh we go to the hospital and get it out, but she was determined that the doctor told her to use the pills and return today [July 5],” the dead woman’s sister had told this online publication.

However, on the day that she returned to the hospital to have the surgical abortion of the dead foetus, Suniram died while in surgery. An investigation was launched into the matter.



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