Dutch company to conduct feasibility study for new Demerara Harbour Bridge


demeara-harbour-bridge-bigGovernment has procured a Dutch company to conduct a feasibility study for the construction of a new Bridge across the Demerara River.

This is according to the State Minister, Joseph Harmon, who earlier today said that the final step before the construction of what will be a “High Level Fixed Bridge” will begin in early January of 2017, by a Dutch company identified as the Leivencse CSO consultancy firm.

Back in 2013, the Demerara Harbour Bridge in collaboration with the then Ministry of Public Works had carried out a pre-feasibility study. That study concluded that a fixed High Level Bridge was the best option to pursue. The bridge that is currently being used is a retractable one that opens in the middle for ships to pass freely. With the fixed High Level Bridge however, it is expected that ships will pass under as it would be elevated to accommodate for such.

According to Minister Harmon, in such types of construction, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies are required. He further explained that the pre-feasibility study examines several things and narrows down the work for the actual feasibility study. That study has a more limited area which it has to consider.

The study will consider the model, the tender documents and the sites proposed and it will also make the final pronouncement on whether or not the construction is something that the country can go forward with.  (Ramona Luthi)



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