Distribution of the one-off cash grants, 2022 pension books almost completed in Regions 2 & 10

Minister Persaud interacting with pensioners

The Ministry of Human Services and Social Security continues the distribution of the one-off cash grants and 2022 pension books; last week almost completing Regions Two (Pomeroon/Supenaam) and 10 (Upper Demerara/Upper Berbice).

Subject Minister, Dr. Vindhya Persaud and a team from the Ministry visited all of the distribution sites in the two regions in a week-long exercise; touching such areas as Bamia, Ameila’s Ward, Bayrock, Wismar, Watooka, Coomaka, and Christianburg.

She commenced her visit to Region Two at Charity Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC), and moved on to other locations such as Anna Regina and Hampton Court, among the rest. “The entire team pitched in to serve people. Whatever it took, they jumped in to help. The rains gave us some challenges but we persevered until it was done,” she commented.

So far in the exercise, Regions Five and Six have already been completed, with Region Four almost done.

As she continues to visit distribution sites, Dr. Persaud is using the opportunity to take the Ministry’s services to residents and even provide hampers to communities in need.

A husband and wife of Region 10 received their first pair of spectacles last week

In fact, during her visit to Region Ten last week, the team distributed over 200 hampers at Silver Hill, Chinese Road in Moblissa and Bamia.

The Ministry also distributed 75 pairs of spectacles at Coomaka. A similar activity was undertaken in Essequibo recently which saw the distribution of 140 pairs of spectacles and a total of 200 hampers.

“When I thought about the spectacles initiative, I knew how important it was going to be to help persons perform everyday tasks. Just under 1,500 spectacles later, the joy on people’s faces and their eagerness to do activities that they could not for some time because they were not seeing well, makes it all worthwhile,” Dr. Persaud expressed.

Head of the Ministry’s Difficult Circumstances Unit, Mahendra Budhram, explained: “We found in some places that an entire family is using one pair of spectacles so Minister Persaud decided to expand this initiative so that more persons can benefit.”

Several residents have expressed appreciation at this gesture by the Ministry. “The eyes are a little blurred but since I got my spectacles I’m seeing well. I think it’s a wonderful venture and it saves us a lot so I don’t have to go to Linden or Georgetown to get my eyes tested,” one resident, Winston David, expressed.

Dr. Persaud at one of the distribution sites last week

Verna Wilson-Thom, another resident, said as soon as she put on her new glasses, she saw everything clearly. “I see everything clear and lovey. I wasn’t expecting to see so clearly. I do a lot of reading and studies so without spectacles, I really can’t do anything,” she said.

Meanwhile, an extra week will be provided at the end of this month for those who would have missed the distribution exercise in Georgetown. As for residents on the East Coast and East Bank Demerara who missed collection, they are being urged to visit the regular distribution sites in their respective areas.

While the 2022 pension book will be available throughout the year, the voucher is time-bound, as it has to be cashed by November 30 at any post office or any of the other locations, such as Sure Pay.