Dismembered body: Post-mortem set for tomorrow

Curt Burke

Investigations are in full swing to determine the killer(s) of Curt Burke whose dismembered body was found yesterday morning at Yorkshire, Mahaicony, East Coast Demerara (ECD) nestled between some bushes near the main public road.

Curt Burke
Curt Burke

According to “C” Division Commander Marlon Chapman the post-mortem examination is scheduled to be conducted tomorrow and police are awaiting the results from this to ascertain whether the case is a “hit and run accident” or “homicide”.

He stated that in the interim authorities are still investigating the matter as to who would have killed the man regardless if it were an accident or a murder so that justice can be meted out.

Meanwhile, other sources say that the police are “almost 90 per cent sure” that Burke met his demise as a result of an accident on the roadway while he was returning to his aunt’s residence after fishing in a nearby area.

One officer opined that it “most likely” was a “hit and run case” where the driver of the motor vehicle that was involved in the gruesome incident fled the scene taking along a piece of Burke’s foot which is still missing.

However, relatives and friends of the dead man have different views and strongly believe that the 40-year-old father of four was killed at a different location from where his body was found.

Yesterday morning, passersby discovered the man’s body in the thick bushes and scoured the area trying to locate the man’s foot which was detached from his body but to no avail.

Some fishes could be seen scattered on the roadway near his mangled bicycle which he was riding when he left his aunt’s residence.

So far no one has been arrested but police are expecting a breakthrough soon.




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