Dismembered body at Mahaicony: Was it a ‘hit and run’ or ‘foul play’? – relatives cry for answers

Curt Burke

By Kristen Macklingam

Relatives and friends of 40-year-old Curt Burke, the man whose dismembered body was found at Yorkshire, Mahaicony on the East Coast of Demerara have plunged in a state of dark despair as they await word from relevant authorities as to who killed him and why.

Curt Burke
Curt Burke

Burke’s aunt, Wendy, told INews that she had recently returned to live in Guyana and was having a shop built at her residence in Drill, Mahaicony, where she could sell pastries.

The dead man along with a cousin who was visiting Guyana were spearheading the construction process and sometime Tuesday afternoon Curt left his aunt’s residence stating that he was going to catch some fish for her to cook.

“I hear all the fish lying on the road so it has to be late (in the) afternoon they killed him. Whenever they work here I cook for them and he said to me that he will bring some fish for me…he has four children, one of his sons stay with me here, and he even has grandchildren too,” the man’s aunt mournfully explained.

She stated that although she had not been at the site when he was discovered she was given the gory details by her niece and other family members.

According to Wendy, her nephew’s face and hands were badly chopped and there was a big wound on his head. One of his feet was not attached to his body and, up to last evening, was still to be found although scores of persons scoured the area trying to locate it.

The older woman opined that such a scene would not indicate that her nephew had met his demise after being hit by a vehicle.

“If you see how they pushed my nephew, some bush tangle up and they had to cut and cut and cut to get him out of that bush…all his hand and all chopped up, even if it is car and one foot cut off it won’t cut all the way off, your hand will get chopped up, your face get chopped up? Anybody, even a little child, could tell you that it is not no knocking down with car,” Wendy contended.

She told INews that the front wheel of Kurt’s bicycle which he was riding when he left her residence was “folded in” and that there was not any blood on the road close to where he was found.

One of his cousins also pointed out that the dead man was “wrapped up” in the bushes and could not be easily seen.

“When the parlor people come to get him out it was hell now to get him out. So I say they had to have knocked him or killed him somewhere else and put him there…when I tell you chop, they had to take a cutlass and chop the bush, pull him out halfway and chop, chop, chop, chop until they got him out…that did not look like an accident scene,” the female cousin stated.

Meanwhile, according to a police source, an eyewitness has given a description of a vehicle which is said to have been at the crime scene when the incident supposedly occurred.

As such police ranks are on the lookout for the vehicle.


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