Disciplined Public Sector is key to ensuring sustained growth – Westford

Former Public Service Minister, Jennifer Westford.


By Kurt Campbell

Public Service Minister, Jennifer Westford.
Public Service Minister, Jennifer Westford.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – A total of $830M has been allocated for the Public Service Ministry in the 2014 National Budget and according to Minister Jennifer Westford, while it is welcomed, there still remains pressure on the recourses available to do the work.

In this regard, she noted the Ministry’s intention to seek greater efficiency and prudence in use of these resources while contributing to the budget debates in the House. 

“The Ministry calls on all public servants to embrace discipline in implementation of projects and comply with established norms,” Westford appealed as she also called on employers to show compassion for all employees and public servants.

She said “A discipline public sector is a primary ingredient to sustained growth of the country.”

Westford noted that the focus on services in the budget is geared towards providing better life for all while at the same time improving the quality of services the government delivers.

“If there is poor service delivery… then projects will fail… and we will deny our citizens what they deserve and it will see their capacity is undermined.”

The Public Service Minister said policies must be implemented with courtesy and honesty, adding that she is confident the administration is on course to regain trust between itself and organized labour.

She urged her colleagues to not only criticize the provisions in the budget but present recommendations. The Minister also pointed to measures in the budget to deal with solid waste management and alleviating and diminishing poverty to negligible figures.

She added too that the budget is focused on helping vulnerable families and as such is geared towards creating jobs through investment.



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