EDITOR’S NOTE: Covering up the reality is not responsible journalism



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With reference to our iNews alert story captioned: “13 – year – old Enmore boy hangs self. Read More: http://wp.me/p3INEd-4s8”, comments were made about the photograph contained therein. It was never our intention to offend anyone.

As Editor, the judgment to carry the photograph was to highlight the growing problem of suicide in our society especially among the youth. It is also our duty as journalists with a social conscience to highlight societal ills with the hope that relevant state agencies, non – governmental organizations (NGOs), religious bodies and communities will be compelled to take urgent and sustained action.

iNews will continue to report the facts unadulterated and will not cover up the reality in the name of responsible journalism. The iNews team will not be intimidated by the personal attacks and innuendos.

We will continue to fulfill our duty to our subscribers and the wider public in and out of Guyana who depend on us for instant objective and non-partisan news.


Fareeza Haniff


iNews Guyana



  1. It was unethical to publish that photo, particularly because it was a child. There is no amount of justification you could trump up under the thinly-veiled guise of highlighting the problem. It is clear that you wish to get hits at all cost.If you want to highlight the suicide problem, you know what to do; no one is fooled. A word of caution, family members traumatized by the photos could sue you publication for nervous shock. Maybe, God Forbid, If it were your child, Ms Haniff, you would have thought twice.


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