Diamond call centre forced out of business…CEO says difficult to compete


Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Rajendra Persaud of Nand Persaud International Communications Inc (NPIC); today said his company was forced to close one of its doors due to the high level of competition the industry is currently facing  with the opening of more call centres in Guyana.

NPICThe communications company which had two locations; Berbice and Diamond, had been in operation for over six years, and is now forced to close its Diamond location after being unable to face the challenges of competition in the market due to their labour contracts.

Persaud noted that advanced notices were given to staff about the crisis the company was facing in order for them to seek other alternatives.

He further noted that the spending cost on job training for new employees was not beneficial as they were recruited by the competitors immediately after the completion of training, which resulted in losses of capital and shortage of staff.

He added that the labour contracts proposed by NPIC were not good in comparison to the new markets, and that most of the remaining workers went over to Qualfon.

Qualfon call centre officially opened their third location on March 26 2015, at Providence, East Bank Demerara, at the value of US$4M extending the branches of its Beterverwagting and Sparendaam locations.

However, the NPIC East Berbice, Corentyne location was said to be successfully functioning without any hindrances.




  1. yes, blame forbes burnham because a business had to scale down its operation due to high quality competition from similar businesses! you must also check the poverty level in guyana at present before you talk about beri-beri and yaaz. with all the feces that float around the country since ’92 every time the rain falls you ain’t know yet what people walking around with and it is quite amazing that half the country ain’t dropped dead from waterborne diseases.

  2. you comment has to come from the village idiot! right here in the article it is stated by the ceo himself that doors had to be closed due to high-levels of competition by other similar businesses – qualfon in particular – yet you came on here writing a load of buffoonery. instead of remaining stupid and left to always bring-up the tail you should invest some time in educating yourself.

  3. ONE of many businesses that will close down and RUN! Speak to anyone and they will tell your the markets and stores in Georgetown are empty….you can take midday naps on Fridays and Saturdays which are considered to be peak days….PNC regime is doing so well putting people out of Job, hope it is an EYE opener to everyone…..Where are all the big mouth people who made noises that the PNC will do better for Guyana economically…HMMM wait, they just went 3.4% backwards from the last data released…..

  4. Diamond call centre forced out of business…CEO says difficult to compete
    One by one they will fail and will fall.
    Its sad to know Guyanese heading back to the Bunham days of beri beri white yaaz mouth. Its sad but the rich ones love it like that.


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