“Deplorable, unacceptable” – Harmon describes Land Registry


Minister of State, Joseph Harmon during a visit to the Land Registry. [Jules Gibson Photos]
Minister of State, Joseph Harmon during a visit to the Land Registry. [Jules Gibson Photos]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – Accompanied by a team from the Ministry of the Presidency, Minister of State, Joseph Harmon visited the Land Registry’s Office located at Durban Backlands, Georgetown on Monday, July 13.

A press release from the Ministry noted that Harmon described the Registry as “deplorable and unacceptable” during his inspection of the operations.

“He says he is appalled at the conditions in which the staff at the registry is forced to function. The Minister noted too that the filing and storing system leaves much to be desired,” the release noted.

According to the Ministry, Harmon said “that is not what a government record office should look like.”DSC_2660

He believes that the office should be an essential one in the way government and the entire country are administered, and the acquisition of titles must be treated seriously. Another shortcoming pointed out by Minister Harmon is the fact that the current office is too small to “do what needs to be done”.

This observation comes as government is getting ready to relocate the Land Registry to what was once the New Building Society building, Avenue of the Republic/Georgetown.

The Minister of State took the opportunity to remind the staff that government is dedicated to ensuring that “public service is proud service”.

DSC_2666He revealed that government will soon appoint a Commission of Inquiry (COI) into the Public Service. Harmon promised improved working conditions and better wages and salaries as he urged the public servants to demonstrate seriousness, diligence and commitment in providing quality service to the public.

Meanwhile, the Minister accompanied by Registrar of Deeds Azeena Baksh toured the proposed new building that will house the Land Registry; he expressed satisfaction in the pace of the works there.



  1. Absolutely disgusting and those people harped on about the progress they made to guyana and they cannot even organise the correct way to file records… New administration needs to employ those who can actually manage and update filing systems. This needs to be as a matter of urgency as the previous administration loved fire starting so all those records going up in smoke make it difficult to establish land boundaries..

  2. What about ggmc that’s in that congested place. The ministry of may resources took our building and then forced us to buy a unsound building for hundreds of millions…what abt ggmc what will u be doing there?

  3. What a big mess!!! Were these people paid or they were volunteers working at the Land Registry Office. Their salary need to be cut if that is how they operate on a day to day basis. No office be it large or small should look like that if you have workers who care about their job and the people they serve That is poor management of staff and supervisors.That is unacceptable work performance. That is why documents could not be found when homeowners wanted a copy of their papers.

    Before better wages and salaries are given to these workers, they need a job performance review. Many of the staff and supervisors at the government offices are rude and very uncouth. They need training in pubic service. There need to be technological update for these records. These workers have poor work ethics, some only give good service to their friends, etc. This poor performance should be stopped. If people do not want to work, they do not deserve a job that is why the office is not well maintained as the above picture shows.

    A tour of the birth certificate department and all other public service offices should be checked as soon as possible. Missing documents, misfiled papers, etc. A big mess. All public service workers should be given a job performance review and many need to be fired for poor work ethics, etc. We need people committed and dedicated and have a sense of pride in their work as public service employees.


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