Guyana rejects Good Officer approach by Venezuela to resolve border controversy


By Jomo Paul


Vice President Carl Greenidge
Vice President Carl Greenidge

[] – The government of Guyana has restated its position that it is not interested in the pursuit of a Good Officer from the United Nations as a means to ending the current controversy between Guyana and Venezuela.

The two countries are currently embroiled in a bitter border controversy with Venezuela, claiming almost two thirds of Guyana’s territory and a large portion of its oil rich exclusive economic zone even though the dispute was settled since 1899.


At the weekend, Maduro wrote to the United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon asking that Good Officer be appointed to resolve the border issue.

When questioned by reporters on Monday, Vice President and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carl Greenidge reiterated the government’s position on the subject pointing out that although it has been employed almost two decades, it had borne no fruit for either of the countries.

“I am not aware that the Good Officer’s process has any further go…we have been on this particular line for the past 25 years,” said Greenidge.

The Vice President pointed out that the former People’s Progressive Party/Civic Administration had also taken a similar view on the issue of a Good Officer.

“Neither this government nor its predecessor has seen one iota of evidencefrom Venezuela that the arbitration was problematic in the sense that it has not properly arrived at,” he pointed out.

He stated too that the Guyana government will continue to pursue a judicial resolution to the controversy with Venezuela, indicating that this will be taken to the International Court of Justice.


  1. I am in full support of the government on this. It has to be settled once and for all. Venezuela have been an hindrance to Guyana’s economic development for years.


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