Deliberate attempts being made to frustrate work of City Council – Town Clerk

City Hall in Georgetown

Town Clerk, Royston King is urging Georgetown residents to be vigilant as deliberate attempts are being made to sabotage the cleanup efforts by the Mayor and City Council (M&CC). King made this assumption on Friday evening while describing the strange recurrence of garbage piles at strategically placed locations within the city.

City Hall in Georgetown
City Hall in Georgetown

Though none of those identified areas were mentioned, the Town Clerk insisted that the locations were cleaned and cleared by specific cleaning crews, “yet piles of filth kept returning”. “We are only left to believe that deliberate acts are being committed to frustrate the work of the Council,” the Town Clerk said.

According to a media release issued by the M&CC, King noted that individuals are willfully dumping or encouraging persons to dump their waste at inappropriate locations. “I would hate to think that persons are being encouraged to dump their waste wantonly by unknown persons when every effort is being made to clean the city.”

The Town Clerk charged however that, “no form of sabotage or environmental carelessness will be tolerated in the new clean and green Georgetown.” He said that the Council will be putting measures in place to better monitor the city, starting with those targeted locations. The Town Clerk warned that anyone found desecrating the city will face the full force of the law.

King is encouraging citizens to be vigilant and help to maintain their communities and the extended city. He urged that reports be made to the Council, or persons can call the Council’s Constabulary Department on telephone number 226-8644 or the agency’s Public Relations Office on 225-2218.



  1. I guess you do not know what progress is –Wales estate -business dead,no one hiring the indian businessmen and their families rob and killed daily–this is progress for you and more to come the reform PNCites are in full destruction mode..

  2. DK- what big words are used by the Town Clerk about illegal dumping. Those are pretty simple words to be used. Can you attest to the Town Clerk intellectual capabilities. Keeping a city clean is one thing citizens with morals can do to maintain cleanliness.

  3. Blackhorse- Simple question for you to answer honestly. Did the previous government allocate enough money to pay for and maintain a clean up campaign. If you don’t know the answer to the said question let me educate you. No they did not. With that said, how can the Mayor and City Council undertake such a huge expense with out the necessary funds. Thing and investigate before you post and peddle wrong information my friend.

  4. Ghandi, Your posted points out the ignorance and venom you have for the current government. When the previous government was in power they neglected simply things as keeping the country clean. It is illicit money that flowed in the country that had the economy seemed as if that was doing well. With the DEA office up and running, the drug trade is slowing down tremendously, therefore the country is experience an economic slow down. With time and proper things in place the country will boom. Investors are beginning to trick in and things will get better. It is unfair to gauge the progressive of a new government in less than a year. You and others will be continue to criticize the government and we understand that. Time will tell.

  5. SK….at least you said its an attempt…but you were deliberate in stinking up the joint.. thats a fact jack you cant deny.

  6. SK nothing could stop PROGRESS,Its going to take a little longer for the depression of May 11 to kick in,GOD BLESS GUYANA and its people,,

  7. Please stop accusing others for your failure. What cleanliness drive you are talking about??? spending millions of tax payers money and digging the same drains every day Monday to Friday and blocking the roads? The economy is dead and people are out of job. This government is closing all the avenues where a job can. Investors are running away. Business slow and you are seeing politics in dumping waste??? who on this earth will encourage such things except your imagination and level of thinking…. Why don’t you suspect APNU + AFC sympathizers or workers of this cleaning campaign deliberately dump the same waste again and again from one location to the next location and so on to keep this cleaning cycle rolling till next general election???Be sensible and make meaningful statements. This is not politics this is the cleaning mafia draining the treasury.

  8. King must be joking, he was encouraging lawlessness for twenty three years, he was the PRO never one day then did is condemn the vendors etc. because he wanted the position of Town Clerk. By the way he was given that position three times before now. Royston King deal with your so call attempt to clean the City, which you should have done before now, and tell the public how much you are giving your friends as contractors to clean the City, who happens to be using the Council’s tools also..

  9. For 23 years Georgetown was filthy no one bothered not even the town clerk and Hammy. It was all to do with not wanting to support the PPP and work together. But no one bothered with Georgetown and keeping it clean. Suddenly we are all conscious of a clean and tidy environment. That’s great!
    However saying all of that I do not condone dumping of garbage especially when an effort is now made after 23 years to have a clean city.

  10. These attempts by the PPP and some of its agents to frustrate Guyana’s development will fail, mark my words.

  11. I am in total agreement with the Town Clerk, Mr. King to let those persons feel the brunt of the law for dumping their garbage in the city. I am sure that these persons are parents, so what example are they setting for their children who have impressionable minds. My suggestion to Mr.King is to set cameras in these areas that the garbage is being dumped and charge, fine or imprison persons for blatantly disrespecting the law of dumping. It is time to take action to eradicate lawlessness in Guyana. We need our city to be cleaned and stay clean.

  12. Deliberate attempts being made to frustrate work of City Council – Town Clerk
    The King using big words like deliberate dumping -encouraged to dump their waste wantonly by unknown persons when every effort is being made to clean the city-The Town Clerk charged however that, “no form of sabotage or environmental carelessness will be tolerated-This King knows all about the things he is talking about. For 23 years the PNC people did it to make the ruling party at that time PPP look bad. Anyone ever saw GDF – Firefighters – City Hall people volunteering their time to clean up Georgetown Stench?
    In shot these Kings are telling you that we will not tolerate PPP rule.


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