Decomposed body female pensioner found in house at Wakenaam


The body of a 78-year-old woman has been found in a house on the island of Wakenaam, Essequibo River.

The woman has been identified as Sahodra Stephen of Dumburg, Wakenaam Island.

Her granddaughter, Janelle Stewart, of Noitgedacht, Wakenaam Island, went to the Sans Souci Police Station at around 18:35hrs today and reported that she has not been able to make contact with her grandmother.

On receipt of this report, police ranks, accompanied by the granddaughter, headed to the woman’s home where she lived alone.

The ranks found that the door leading to the upper-flat of the two-storey house was locked from the inside. The door was then broken and, as the ranks were going up the stairs, a strong stench permeated the building.

When the officers inspected one of the bedrooms, the pensioner was found on the bed in a swollen and decomposed state.

The body was examined but no marks of violence were seen.

A woman, who lives nearby, told investigators that she had last seen the pensioner on February 11 at around 16:00hrs.

The neighbour said the elderly woman had indicated that she would have been travelling to Georgetown the following day.

It is unclear if the elderly woman actually visited the capital city.

Meanwhile, the body remains is at the house under guard.

A postmortem is to be conducted as investigations continue.