‘Dead Kings, Speech drive-thru & 11 telephones’ – Rohee delivers budget speech

Former Minister of Home Affairs, Clement Rohee

By Jomo Paul

Former Minister of Home Affairs, Clement Rohee
Former Minister of Home Affairs, Clement Rohee

[www.inewsguyana.com] – General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), Clement Rohee made his budget presentation to the National Assembly on Thursday, August 20 to loud heckling from the government side of the House.

Rohee, a former Home Affairs Minister under the PPP/C administration, noted his disgust with the current probes and audits being conducted by the new government. He stated that it is a contributory factor to the current sloth affecting Guyana’s economy.

“Nine audits, two probes, 12 investigations, two commission of inquiries and two reviews…Guyana has become a haven for audits, investigations and probes,” said the PPP Parliamentarian.

He also told the House that his “experience in other countries have shown that exercises of this nature slows down a country’s economy and that is precisely what is happening in Guyana…This country will suffer from collateral damage as a result of these actions that are taking place in this country,” said Rohee.

Referring to the Budget presentations made, Rohee said at one point of the debates, he concluded that he what he was listening to plain plagiarism.

“At one point in time I thought there were some who chose the drive thru and pick-up a speech option for this Honourable House,” said Rohee.

At this point, Chief Whip for the Government Amna Ally shouted “Tell we about the eleven telephones you got, you alone, eleven telephones.”

Rohee nevertheless continued his debate, turning his attention to Citizenship Minister Winston Felix and Business Minister Dominic Gaskin, where he noted that while one member stated that Guyana is open for business, another is seeking to limit employment visas being granted.

“I am hearing that Guyana is open for business but you have to write exams before you enter…I feel so sad as a Guyanese when I see four Indian Nationals sitting on the tarmac of our airports; it reminds me of Guyanese sitting on the benches of airports.”

Rohee also said that Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan is failing the security sector and showing a piece of paper on the crime rate proves nothing.

“The King is dead, long live the King – enter Honorable member Ramjattan,” said Rohee.



  1. I guess for the opposition, let us bring in whoever want to come to Guyana for work, but go screw yourself Guyanese, we will give the jobs to someone else. The U.S., Canada, England all limit immigration, but Guyana according to Rohee is so rich, that we can take in whoever will. It shows you how educated and practical these people are. What does open for business mean to him.

  2. The crime situation the coalition faces was inherited from the PPP when Rohee was Home Affairs Minister. The coalition has been in office 3 months, and while I hoped it would have had a plan coming into office, I am satisfied that there are encouraging signs of change in the way the police are operating. Well, except for the Sean Hinds and Regan Rodrigues cases.

  3. Does Roti teally undestand what he says, I truly doubt it. I think he is mentaly challenged, and my apology to those that are mentally challenged, to group such a brain dead individual with you!
    As I have always said than when Roti speaks the PooPyParty members weep and the nation gers the creeps.


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