PPP walks out of Parliament for “small meeting” as Social Protection Minister rises to speak

Empty Opposition benches

By Jomo Paul

Empty Opposition benches
Empty Opposition benches

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Opposition People’s Progressive Party (PPP) left the National Assembly as Social Protection Minister Volda Lawrence rose to make her budget presentation.

Lawrence, the fourth speaker of the day, rose just after PPP’s Indra Chandrpal had finished speaking but only spoke to the government side of the House.

The PPP members followed Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo and calmly walked out of the National Assembly and proceeded to the Members of Parliament lounge.

PPP Member of Parliament Komal Chand explained said that the move was to facilitate a small meeting. He could not say what the meeting is about. PPP’s Vindya Persaud is scheduled to speak after Minister Lawrence.


  1. Jagdeo and his cabinet has no interest in the the people and welfare of the country, they are only there to be destructive and belittle our government.

  2. Why shouldn’t they walk out… imagine the callous of these f”””… they have reduced the debates to 3 days.. wtf!!!! How democratic is that for a change.. imagine it was the afc that stood in front of thousands of supporters and they they would always be the up holders of democratic rites of ppl.. they continue to act and do things contrary to what they stood for in many instances.. can’t say none bout d apnu.. we no them too good.. it seems as the sh”’ talkers was living under a rock for 23 years all because they didn’t get the job they wanted or were just reluctant to find jobs because sitting down hole day and finding faults with the govt to lay claim on.. opportunist I would say
    . Had it been Burnham well at least we know we had to keep out thoughts to ourself.. a defacto govt trying to cut the limit of budget deliberations,isnt that what a defacto and illegally elected govt would do.. “let’s see how the cookie crumbles”.. don’t worry even the Americans who supported the defacto govt would not be able to dig them out… you the Americans love to impose and put their noses into other ppl and countries business… thus the rising of militants and terrorist at large.. that’s the bottom line at least..

  3. Yes I am aware how the people of Venezuela are treated everyday. The are suffering long lines,shortage of food, what I was saying if the APNU and the PPP keep fighting and getting nothing done Venezuela will use it to say look your country can’t get their shit in order and we can give you a better like. Am I wrong that Venezuela wants to issue ID cards to the people who live in the areas they claimed as part of Venezuela?

  4. True to their form as little boys,when they loose they pick up their toys and go home. It is astounding that these people were once Governing Guyana. They ran it worst than a cake shop. they are experts in fraud, corrupt and immoral acts, and like imbeciles they are not fit for anything good. Let them keep up their foolish temper tantrums it will be like the age old saying the more monkey climb, the more he exposes his back side, in which case the Government will get a better shot at it

  5. We all get emotional at times, but not this extreme, Roy. No matter what differences you have in your family, you never invite outsiders to come in and take over the home. Or would you? Next time, let the rational prevail over the emotional. You can feel with your heart, but you must always think with your head!

  6. Jagdeo should have led the walkers down to Brickdam, head towards the Stabroek Market, find an open space on the wharf and keep walking across the river to Vreed-en-hoop! And if they start sinking, vendors can throw them some transformers, some expired drugs, some Chinese food and a bag of GuySuCo sugar

  7. Forget about the action of the Opposition… read between the lines. [whispering] walk out is to deny their women folks from hearing about how women must be treated and respected. It’s about KINGS… right?

  8. Roy I cannot believe you wrote that bullshit about Venezuela taking over Guyana you got to be either living under a damn rock or brain dead. Have you read how terrible Venezuelans are being treated by that terrible man who is try to get his sticky finger on our oil?

    Those people are standing in line from all hours in the night to buy some rice and sugar, and face violent fights to get damn food . What make you in your sick twisted mind think Guyanese will be better off with Venezuela taking our beautiful country away from us. Please make a comment that make sense not just throw out such nonsense.

    Having scolded you I do agree with the first part of the comment which says why the PPP not want to work with the Granger administration for the good of the country.

  9. he PPP is a set Of uncivilised bastards except for the learned Dr Vinddiya Persaud.She was brought up in a civilised society ad was taught moral ethics but the other loosers has no social etiquette.The world is laughing at their stupidity and childish mentality.Their power was taken away n a free and fair election.Let them stop bitching and come to grip with reality.long live the colation

  10. What a pity. Jagdeo has let me down. I really thought that the old man would be there in the Parliament giving the Gvernment ‘hell’ and keeping them on their toes. The over-comfortable life in a mansion has certainly taken its toll.

  11. You know it’s sad how the PPP is acting. Why can’t both sides work together for the people of GUYANA? Stop all the fighting and the games. Sometimes I thinks it’s better if Venezuela just take over guyana and let the people of guyana see how it is to punish and have to go to war. Guyana don’t have a chance in hell to win a war. Just sad sad acting like children.

  12. This PPP scums is an obstacle to the future of Guyana. As long as the PPP exists there can be no good future for Guyanese and this is absolutely sad because the Leninist Marxist PPP Scums only want Guyana to be like Cuba, North Korea and Russia. This must not be allowed at any cost. We as a Nation cannot sacrifice the future of our Children to fall in their Communist Trap. The PPP Scums and their mentality must be eradicated from the lives of all Guyanese. It is a reality these days for them to go to Parliament and create Comedy and write Comic Strips. These Scums are only wasting tax payers money and valuable time. They need to be banned from the People’s Parliament once and for all.

  13. Why didnt these spoiled brats not stay home. They are making a circus out of the peoples house and business. If I cant bat im leaving with my ball. This childless and brainless behavior is the second reason that crook jagdeo is back the other is all about the loss of power he misses it so much. So the little munchkins just follow the king even if it is over the cliff.


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