Daring day-light robbery…Gunmen snatch over $30M worth in raw gold from miner


A daring day-light robbery in Craig, East Bank Demerara (EBD) has left villagers in shock after four armed men robbed a young man on Thursday afternoon of a quantity of raw gold valued around $30M then made good their escape.

INews was told that Akeem Chase, the 22 year-old gold miner, was returning home from the interior when the incident took place some 300ft from his house.

Reports are that Chase was driving his motorcar and had two of his workers inside the vehicle when a silver-grey ‘212’ car blocked the men from arriving at their destination. It was at this point the bandits executed the daring robbery.

goldBrian Chase, the young man’s father told INews today that between 14:30h and 15:00h he was at home when he heard shouts from persons on the roadway notifying him that his son was being robbed.

Upon exiting his residence he saw Chase whose body and clothing was covered with mud slowly making his way home on foot.

Brian rushed to take his son inside their house for safety and then after ascertaining the young man suffered no severe injuries he returned to the scene of the crime where Chase’s car was still parked.

According to the father, from the details provided by residents in the street as well as the footage from two cameras belonging to persons who live close to where the robbery took place, three of the four bandits had exited their car and pulled his son from inside his car onto the street.

They then kicked him into the drain as they stole the gold production (raw gold) which was inside of the young man’s car and drove away in their waiting vehicle.

Brian explained that when they pulled his son from his vehicle they took Chase’s car keys as well but left the vehicle at the scene of the crime.

When police ranks arrived there shortly after and begun investigations they also arrested the two passengers who were inside of Chase’s car since the details surrounding the sequence of events indicate an ‘inside job’.

“The design of the system (gold mining) is one where we have to disclose what our production is like because some people get paid monthly and some people get paid on production, so workers will know what we produce…we have life, thankfully nobody was hurt…based on information one of the men had an AK gun and the others had three smaller firearms,” Brian stated.

He told INews that only when the investigations are completed and the case is closed then based on the results his company, Brian & Ingrid Chase Mining and Trucking, would decide what route it would take with regards to changes in the employment procedures.

Meanwhile, the two men who are employed by the Chase family are said to still be in police custody and assisting with investigations.




  1. And one of them had an AK..If true, Granger and his boys needs to clean up the military and para-military forces..Come on Granger, take the lead. The PPP were helpless when it came to the military. They never had their support whilst in government.

  2. The COP Seelall Persaud was in NY AND FLORIDA and his packed audience comprising mostly East INDIANS Praised him for the outstanding job he is doing even made donations towards his new venture. Now we all know the MINISTER IS ALWAYS TAKING THE BLAME FOR EVERYTHING, I have no problem with that,but is the COP not the person directly in charged of LAW and ORDER,not one time i ever heard any of you calling for his resignation. Its very sad to see how two gentlemen who made a choice to distance themselves from the only solution to all of GUYANA problems and all because of race they are hated by so many,the CCC/c is the only government that is the answer,CRIMINALS COKE CELLS/ cremation

  3. James what you said is true about Graingeh telling Guyanese he knows how to curb crimes… At the time he said I said I know he can because all he has to do is call off his dogs but apparently he was exposed for not winning but rigging the election with Massa US blessings so he has to sick back his dogs on those they perceived to be opposition to him and have loads of money.

  4. DK this is not a RUA ,,these guys joking,the jokers APnothingnu raising money by hiking gun license and taxes,you and I know that,they also raising money true the side door,,talk half,,,,lol

  5. you want Ramjattan to clean up in months what the previous Administration built up over a 23 years period.
    most of these bandits came out of a failed education system coupled with no skills/ discipline training which the PPP/C administration fails to address to the betterment of all.
    you should acknowledge that the Security Sector under its Minister has shown vast improvement.

  6. Burnham is alive and well –this is nothing new–rob and kill –they need money to party where do you think they will get it from?

  7. Daring day-light robbery…Gunmen snatch over $30M worth in raw gold from miner
    Dem boys need loads of money for the PNC big jump up jump up real soon and in a hurry..PNC give themselves 300M so whats 30M for the thugs??They have to jump up too lol

  8. Ramjattan need to resign now if he cannot solve the crime situation as promised. For years before the Elections Ramjattan and the AFC have been telling the Guyanese population that they have all the answer for Robbery, Suicide, and corruptions. Granger and the PNC have also been boasting of their ability to curb crime.


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