“I am a survivor” – QC students launch project to tackle suicide


The Ministry of Social Protection has intensified its efforts to prevent suicide by taking the message to schools, communities and workplaces.

qc1qc3Targeting youths, the Ministry supported Queens College for the launch of “Operation Safe and Sound” a special project by four students that seeks to address suicide in the school. The students, Angelina Boodhoo, Akarshini Singh, Shafeena Milton, Wei Jun Wong, said the project aims at educating fellow students on the signs and symptoms of suicide, finding positivity in life, and how to get help.

Under the theme, “I am a Survivor”, Operation Safe and Sound is introducing  “The Elder’s Sibling Program”, where a responsible, mature upper school student, poses as a ‘sibling’ and lends emotional support, advice and academic help to a student of any age.



  1. Most people who commit Suicide dont want to die_ they just want to stop hurting. Most of us are caught up in Social media. We are missing the warning signs of a suicidal person. We have to give a listening ear. Do everything in your power to get help for a suicidal person. Take them to the Doctor. Make sure they drink their medication. Be Proactive.


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