Curfew now 9pm to 4am; special measures for Regions 7, 9


The Ministry of Health has published updated emergency measures which are aimed at safeguarding the public from contracting Covid-19.

In the new measures, a countrywide curfew of 9pm to 4am was set.

This will allow for certain businesses to operate for a longer period. For example, gas stations, salons and supermarkets can close at 8pm.

Gyms and bar are among the services to remain closed.

Meanwhile, there are special measures for Regions Seven and Nine inclusive of restricted travel.

The Ministry explained that these new measures were made following a rapid assessment of the Covid-19 situation in the country.

“The Government has looked at the approaches in other territories, especially in the Caribbean, and has resolved that a multi-sector and multi-faceted approach has been the most successful model, with an aggressive policy of detection, contact tracing and if positive, isolation,” it was explained.

The Government said it will continue to engage each sector and develop appropriate protocols based on the epidemiological evidence to keep the citizens safe while allowing for a gradual reopening.

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