Culverts to be constructed along Linden/Lethem road



The Linden/Lethem road
The Linden/Lethem road

[] – Several culverts will be constructed along the Linden/Lethem road as the Ministry of Public Works continues to upgrade the 276 miles thoroughfare.

The Ministry says extensive bush clearing will also be done. The project is being carried out to protect the road prism from damages and guarantee visibility for road users. Works have begun from miles 84 to 276, according to Naeem Mohamed, an Engineer overseeing the project.  

From Linden to Omai Turn Off [miles 0 to 65], Metallica will grade, place and compact deteriorated sections with laterite. Likewise, Demerara Timber Limited (DTL) will maintain from Omai Turn Off to Siparuni [miles 65 to 84].

Mekdeci Machinery and Construction is currently working from Siparuni Junction to Kurupukari, which stretches from miles 84 to 135. The construction firm is tasked with clearing bushes, stabilising sections with cement and the installation of 10 lines concrete (3 feet in diameter) culverts.

JR Ranch Company will be carrying out similar works from Kurupukari to Annai [miles 135 to 200]. From miles 200 to 276 – Annai to Lethem – V. Dalip Enterprise will be executing works that include building up low lying sections, clearing bushes along the carriageway and installing 15 lines [3 feet] concrete culverts.

The Ministry will shortly erect traffic signages along the road, and by March 2015 all works will be completed, Mr. Mohamed disclosed. He added that the quality of the road is very substantial for transportation and trade, and the Ministry of Public Works has injected millions of dollars to sustain it. For this second phase of the project, approximately G$257M has been allocated.

Phase one, which concluded in mid-November, encompassed all critical sections of the road to be resurfaced thus reducing the travel time from 13 plus hours to seven.





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