AFC most disappointed in the performance of health, security sectors

L - R: AFC Executive Member, Beverly Alert; AFC Leader, Khemraj Ramjattan and Cathy Hughes. [iNews' Photo]


By Kurt Campbell

AFC Parliamentarians, Cathy Hughes and Moses Nagamootoo at the press conference, today, Thursday November 06. [iNews' Photo]
AFC Parliamentarians, Cathy Hughes and Moses Nagamootoo at the press conference, today, Thursday November 06. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – The Alliance for Change (AFC) says it continues to be disappointed with the performance of the local health and security sectors; pointing to several shortcomings that have failed to be met with successful solutions.

This pronouncement by the Party was made ahead of anticipated presentations to be made by the subject Ministers on the performance of the sectors. But despite this, the AFC in its assessment believes the sectors continue to perform inadequately, thereby failing the Guyanese public.

AFC Parliamentarian Catherine ‘Cathy’ Hughes told Reporters during a press conference yesterday, (Thursday, December 18), that she is specifically disenchanted with high incidents of maternal deaths Guyana records annually and the lack of medical equipment at regional hospitals and health centers.

On this note, she recalled the death of a baby recently, under questionable circumstances, after the mother was allegedly turned away from a regional hospital because of lack of equipment.

“People are dying under questionable circumstances all across the country and it is not an exception anymore, it is happening all the time,” Hughes said; adding that “the other area we are concerned about is the security sector.”

The AFC MP pointed out daily reports of interpersonal violence in the Guyanese society is not only too high but has reached unbelievable proportions.

She questioned what is really being done by the Minister with responsibility for security, Clement Rohee.

“What has Rohee and the administration of the Police Force done differently to handle or prevent these situations?… I am not aware of specific designs that were implemented in communities with high incidents.”

Hughes reminded of recent utterances by Rohee; labeling the AFC a “force ripe Party”; but said its membership could not be bothered since it is busy doing critical work to help persons who suffer from police and medical abandonment.




  1. The Alliance for Change (AFC) says it continues to be disappointed with the performance of the local health and security sectors; pointing to several shortcomings that have failed to be met with successful solutions.
    Lets forget the health sector for a while and talk about the (( security )) sector.
    Rumjaath and Nagapoopoo R de most barefaced humans on earth’s face.
    Granger -Basil William and Winston Felix are those that make up this so called crap they calling apnu..more like your life on it that nither rumjaah nor nagapoopoo dare not ask granger what he know about the ballot box killings.
    neither nagapoopoo nor rumjhaat dare not whisper a single word about basil williams and winston felix said on that tape recording about diverting police away from the agricola massacre..
    rumjhaa nor nagapoopoo dare not question nighhell hughes on why he tampered with evidence by removing the surveillance tape for the buxton gas station murder.
    nagapoopoo nor rumjahhaaat dare now mention what highell hughes ordered be done to east indians who were beaten robbed sexually molested on africola pulblic road.

  2. Jon, thank you! Also Cathy, and Nigel Hughes, are suffering from “GET RICH QUICK SYNDROME”. My brother George is so right AFC is “ASKING FOR COALITION” Cathy is still a PNC in her heart, fooling Moses, and Ramjattan, that she’s a AFC (Asking For Coalition) PPP supporters are not as stupid as the AFC thinks.

  3. Ms Hughes:
    What has AFC done to further the wellness of John Guyana?
    You are always johnny on the spot scoring political points.
    You seek people in distress and then sensationalize the ‘misery’.
    You joined PNC/APNU to make Parliament impotent and more like a queh queh drumming and singing institution.
    Money is the engine that runs a country. What you have done?
    Yes Ms Hughes what have you done?
    You cut budgets blindly and all suffers.
    You Madam and AFC lose any right to lodge any complaint.
    It is like you whack me in the head, broke your hand and then cried that I broke your hand.

  4. The only thing the AFC is disappointed about with regard to the health and security sectors is that things are not worse. They cut they budget to bring down the country, they opposed the specialty hospital because of selfish reasons,they instigated violence all over the country [Linden, Agricola ,Region Two etc] and now they trying to shed crocodile tears over maternal deaths because it’s election season?Who AFC trying to fool?The ole people she “damn fool a talk ,but nah damn fool ah listen”

  5. Cathy ever realised from what position or state the health sector was and the present position its in now,
    Our health sector is stronger or more effective now that anytime under the past government, yes, we still have problems, some of which are. Negligence on part of dry and nurses.

    As for security, as long as the PNC/ APNU is not in government this country will have to live with that,
    Should the APNU / PNC get in Government we will all insecurity problems,.
    The economy will collapsed.
    But the the guyanese people the part u and your husband played in the collapsed hydro project you both failed the Nation,
    But the shameless has no shame

  6. Guyana health sector have grown and is functioning better as before. Indeed more need to be done but I haven’t seen an alternative approach from AFC. All I see from them us condemnation. In fact the AFC don’t have a plan for the health sector. At this moment the AFC is busy selling spots in the party.

  7. The AFC is disappointed with life because it is a party that will soon be forgotten like so many “fly by night”, parties of the past. Here is a group of people mouthing about a “pro-democracy alliance” and they refuse to dialogue / hold any kind of serious talks with the governing PPP. Each member of this party has a questionable history. The key members were kicked out of the two major political parties in Guyana and are only interested in settling old scores. It is alleged they get their instructions from “outside” sources. These unpatriotic rejects have no interest in the people of Guyana so “concerns” about health and security sectors is nothing but a bogus claim. I call on this group to find better things to do, like starting your election campaign.

    The two major factions still exist in the AFC with indo Guyanese members (Ramjattan, Nagamootoo etc) on one side and afro Guyanese members (Hughes, Tratman, etc) on the other who are still strongly affiliated with the PNC. The Party was created as a fraud to brainwash young Guyanese, it has never been an “alliance”. The group has changed its name and it is now Asking For a Coalition (AFC).


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