Crime Rate & a 5-point plan – Ramjattan shows up at Budget 2015

Ministry of Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan

By Jomo Paul

Vice President and Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan during his 2015 Budget presentation
Vice President and Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan during his 2015 Budget presentation

[] – Vice President and Minister of Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan transformed the National Assembly into his personal arena on Wednesday night, August 19 when he took on ‘propaganda’ being peddled about the security sector and his plans for the sector.

Scheduled to be the last speaker of the night, the Vice President frontally attacked the assertion that since the APNU+AFC government ascended to office after May 11, the crime rate has skyrocketed.

He told the House that the crime rate, while it may be higher than 2014, began to escalate since February of 2015, something which he says the now People’s Progressive Party (PPP) opposition refuses to accept.

“The impression being given by the Opposition, (is that when we) came into office – we are the ones that started this high crime rate…it was growing since February long before we came into government,” said the Vice President.

Ramjattan made it clear that while the administration has a plan to effectively handle the issue, it is not something that can be done overnight.

“This crime rate is a not a T20 cricket, this is a test match…it will take some time before the crime rate goes down,” said Ramjattan. He pointed to the recently imposed 2 am close off time for bars and night clubs, noting that while some persons have rejected the idea, it is actually working with a large number of persons actually favouring the initiative.

He then outlined a 5-point plan that would be implemented by the government to tackle the crime situation, which would involve police reorganization and training, more police deployment and the use of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras.


“We are gonna have over 100 CCTV in and around the city and a command centre…so we can see the city during the course of the day,” he told the House.

“It is around the city where fifty percent of the crimes are being committed. This (the cameras) will be assisted by a command centre, outfitted with televisions which will allow the police to see the entire city, as to what is happening.”

Ramjattan is convinced that this step should be taken as the current CCTV cameras that are installed, were instrumental in securing conviction of hundreds of people who had driven dangerously or carelessly on the city roadways.

The CCTV cameras will be supported by the necessary infrastructural work, which will see a conference room being made available, for the consistent monitoring of the cameras.

Minister Ramjattan also announced that a gun amnesty period would commence from September 1, as a measure to reduce the number of illegal firearms in the public domain. This will be supplemented with the enhancement of police administration, the deployment of ranks, and re-organization and training in the Criminal Investigation Department.



  1. anni, based on your response, I think you do not comprehend very well what you read. I did not say all the crimes committed were on overseas base Guyanese visitors. The heinous crimes you mentioned are also sadly part of the crime statistics. You are very ignorant to infer and query whether they were “doing drug” or “from overseas”. If you can read the crime statistics and the various crimes being committed, you will see that some are drug related, others are overseas Guyanese visitors, etc.

    Ramjattan is doing a good job of initiating steps to curtail the crime rate. The nation has to assist by being the eyes and ears of the community which includes you . We all have a role to play in the reduction of crime.

  2. When the minister was in opposition he sees other people mistakes but now he don’t see his own . Rohee looks like master hope apnu fire him soon

  3. Bibi your defence makes me wonder if you are a friend of Ramjattan and you know who the criminals are.l m certain not all these people being attack are overseas based Guyanese.Stop and look.Read again .What about the fisher man and his wife ,the farmer wife murder,78 old granny and many more.Are they doing drugs and from overseas ?How can you justify that by saying Rumjattan is doing a good job. Maybe you are one eye too.

  4. Stop blaming the PPP/C Rum Man. You are in Government now and must fix this escalating crime rate.

    We do not want to hear when it started to escalate. What we want to hear from you is a solution and immediately.

  5. anni., There goes your ignorance again and your racist remarks even about crime. You said, “our indo Guyanese are being robed and brutalised on a daily basis.” Indo Guyanese are not the only people who are victims of crime, Afro Guyanese are also victims as well as other ethnic groups in Guyana. However, your interest is not about the peoples of Guyana but only indo guyanese. You are sickening.

    According to what I have read, the crimes seem to be committed by family members and friends especially crimes committed toGuyanese visiting from overseas who many believe are coming in with large amount of American dollars and also individuals who are withdrawing substantial amount of money from the bank so the criminals assume or are informed.

    Other factors seem to be drug deals gone bad or the wiping out of street dealers; lovers fights which lead to fatality, etc.,.

    Serious crime has been going on for 23 years , but people can fudge the statistics, which some investigation should be done about the PPP administration covering up actual crime reports to look good. Ask Jagdoe and Roger Khan.

    Ramjattan is doing a remarkable job. If Buddies is not complying with the 2AM curfew, their license should be taken away from them to set an example. They, Jagdoe the owner, is not above the law as he thinks he is.

    There seem to be so many uninformed, ignorant, and racist people blogging now bringing down the level of discourse iNews sounding like the ignorance of the PPP in Parliament. No intellectual discourse.

  6. Cant believe my ears Ramjattan.Are you blind or simply refused to accept the fact that crime have gone way out of control since u sit in office with no effective plan to improve the situation.The country is in very sad situation where our indo Guyanese are being robed and brutalised on a daily basis and u casting blame instead of finding relevant strategy to combat the same.Its strange how you used to call on Mr Rohee to resign now you in his seat and cant even do five percent of what he did.All you wanted was position without vision.

  7. Well Mr Jaat,Rohee looks like a genius when one listens to you,how can you say crime rate is not up?I know you are blind and foolish but do you really think all of us are like you?you should quit the job and just keep in the rumshop where you belong.

  8. How much of a better Minister of Home Affairs is Ramjattan from Goat Na Bite Me? No better. As a matter of fact Goat Na Bite Me make him look like a school boy. Crime against Indians in Berbice has skyrocketed. Crime against Indians countrywide has skyrocketed. Like Nagamootoo and Freddy Kissoon, Ramjattan does not believe that the Indians are targeted by the “Flea”. But that is a big mistake. The “Flea” has a different agenda now. Take from the Indians and give it to the others.

  9. Mr Ramjattan clearly does not want to admit that there is a serious crime situation spreading out of control across the country especially in Georgetown and the Corentyne. His claim is that crime saw its rise since the PPPC administration but doesn’t want to accept that it got so bad since the Granger administration took office and he became the minister of security. He needs to accept the truth and start putting measures in place to put a halt to the escalating crime situation as it has now become a serious crisis. THE PROBLEM IS THAT HE HAS NONE. His talk about the use of CCTV but that is only in Georgetown. Would he put CCTV across the whole country? The first thing he should accept is that he has no strategy and must RESIGN with immediate effect just as this Granger administration dismiss hundred of workers across the country without due course of redress.

  10. Is this man blind? He’s not just cockeyed, eh? The crime rate has skyrocketed since May 11th, ALL Guyanese know that. This fool trying to mislead people. Does he really believe criminals will turn in their guns. Fool!

    Apparently, he has no plan for the other 50% of the crimes committed outside of Georgetown. Time for the no confidence motion. Replace Seelall with Ramnarine and replace Ramjattan with Seelall.


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