Crane residents blast fire service as house burns to the ground


By Kurt Campbell

The burnt house. [iNews' Photo]
The burnt house. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Several residents of Crane, West Coast Demerara lashed out at the Guyana Fire Service for its response to a fire in their village which completely destroyed one house and scorched another on Tuesday, November 5.

The residents in describing the response of firefighters to the fire which they believed could have been averted said the service was nothing but a “red elephant.”

One eyewitness remarked “what kind of slackness is this, the government need to look into this, they could have saved part of that house, nothing they ain’t do, nothing, not even a tip of water ain’t go on that house.”

According to the mother of the occupant of the gutted house Maurine Hope, the fire service arrived on the scene without any water in their trucks to save the lot 14, Crane Housing Scheme home.

The now homeless Steve Hicks. [iNews' Photo]
The now homeless Steve Hicks. [iNews’ Photo]
She explained that her son Steve Hicks lived in the house alone and was at work when the incident occurred. Hicks is a driver attached to Banks DIH.

“This is terrible, you know why I’m hurting, my sons recently furnished that house with everything, I’m worried because he is hypertensive and I don’t know how he will take it,” she told iNews.

Hicks returned to find his house burnt to the ground. The cause of the fire is unknown; however one relative said she suspects it to be electrical in nature.

Hope called for the construction of an outpost in the area.

“There are a lot of old a house in this area, this scheme is almost forty years old so we would very much appreciate an outpost,” she added.


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