Craftsman remanded for smuggling ganja into prison


A sixty-one-year-old craftsman of Leopold Street, Georgetown found himself arraigned before the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts on Monday morning after he allegedly attempted to smuggle 20 grams of marijuana into the Camp Street Penitentiary on August 31, 2017, reportedly concealed in the sole of a pair of boots.

Ishwar Persaud pleaded not guilty to the offence of trafficking in narcotics when the charge was read to him by Magistrate Judy Latchman, explaining that the shoes were given to him by his neighbour to take to a prisoner on remand, named Ralph Franklin, at the local penitentiary.

Police facts alleged that on the day of the incident the elderly man visited the prison and searches conducted on his person by security personnel at the facility revealed the narcotics hidden in the said footwear.

Following this revelation, the subject was escorted to the Alberttown Police Station (Georgetown) where the suspected leaves, seeds and stems were weighed in his presence. He was subsequently charged with the present offence.

Bail was refused and Persaud will remain incarcerated until September 18, 2017, when the matter will be called again at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts for a preemptory hearing.




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