CPL says Barbados Tridents will remain champs



cpl[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Cricket Tournament Committee (CTC) of the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) has declared that there are no grounds to reverse or nullify the decision of the match referees to resort to the Duckworth Lewis method that handed the Barbados Tridents an anticlimactic win over the Amazon Warriors in the final of the CPL.

Barbados won by eight runs via the Duckworth Lewis system after an interruption by rain.

With four overs remaining and the game evenly poised and the pitch seemingly in good enough playing condition, the outcome not only angered the fans of the game, it caused the Amazon Warriors owners to file a formal complaint that resulted in the following statement by the CTC of CPL:

The Caribbean Premier League having received and considered the formal complaint made to it by the Franchise Owners of the Guyana Amazon Warriors with regard to the outcome of the finals played on August 16 at Warner Park in St. Kitts referred the Match Report to the Cricket Tournament Committee (CTC)  for its decision.

The CTC has carefully considered the report of the Match Referee and the arguments raised by the Guyana Amazon Warriors in their several written representations and has now completed its review.

The CTC findings are as follows:

  The Match Referee properly applied the rules regarding the time allotted for the Match.

·         The CTC references paragraph 6.2 of Section 3A of the CPL Tournament Rules which expressly precludes a team from objecting to the result of a match on the ground of any decision made by any Umpire or the Match Referee. This rule is intended to bring finality to matches.

·         The Match Referees report clearly indicates an enquiry by Damien O Donohoe CEO of CPL and Charles Wilkin QC member of the Tournament Committee if in the interests of the Game and especially the fans the full match could be played without resort to the Duckworth-Lewis rules.  To this, the consent of both Captains was required and that was not forthcoming. Hence they were informed that, according to the Playing Conditions they did not have the authority to make such a ruling.

·         In the circumstances, the CTC has no authority nor does it find good reason under the CPL Tournament Rules to reverse the result or declare the match a nullity.  Accordingly the CTC has ruled that the final result stands.

·         Further the CTC and the CPL management would offer no objection to the matter being referred to the ICC, crickets world governing body if contending parties still so desire for a ruling that is definitive, transparent and expeditious.

Chairman of the CTC, Most Honourable Mr. PJ Patterson, comments; Having carefully considered the report of the Match Referee and the arguments raised by the Guyana Amazon Warriors the CTC has concluded that there are no grounds for the result of the final to be reversed or nullified.

He concludes; The CPL has succeeded in reinvigorating the passion for cricket across the region and has in two short years established its own distinctive brand and earned exciting market appeal.  Nothing must be done to impair its image or erode its credibility.

The Caribbean Premier League management would like to take this opportunity to express its sincere thanks to everyone involved in the CPL; players, event teams, team owners, sponsors, host countries and above all the fans for their amazing support. The CPL is a fantastic tournament which showcases the very best that the Caribbean has to offer on the world stage and each and every member of the CPL family is proud to be a part of it.




  1. ‘Nothing must be done to impair its image or erode its credibility.’ How ironic, you people are shameless. I will stay watching IPL you people want to match IPL but it cannot happen cause you are too corrupt

  2. I think the officials/management of the CPL was one-sided. I think this matter should be taken to the ICC board. They knew from the beginning the umpire was a mistake how one could allow a barbados umpire, to umpire a game where his country is playing. I often wonder if it was the other way around it that method (DUckworth/Lewis) would have been used. I think the Amazon Warriors Franchise should not compete Next year and lets see what will happen. Anyway Amazon Warriors Congratulations.

  3. these ppl need to get their act together …..or we might as well not play next year ..if they are gonna cheat us like this ….its ridiculous man ….they cheated us in front of our face and then thats not ground to reverse the decision ? stteeewwwww

  4. ‘Nothing must be done to impair its image or erode its credibility.’

    I find this comment amusing and absurd. Do not try so hard Mr ‘Honourable’.

  5. I disagree with this article, The GUYANA AMAZON WARRIOR’S were CHEATED in-front the entire world. This broke the hearts of all cricket lovers ” SAD TO SAY”.

  6. Whatever man. Let them keep it. Its a tainted win for Barbados so if that’s how the want to win then so be it. Warriors was going to beat that and Barnwell was going to show how special he is. Sorry he could not shine


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