Corentyne man dies 1 week after being knocked down by Police

The area where the accident occurred. Inset: Walter Jhondu (deceased)

A pensioner has died one week after he was struck down, allegedly by a police officer, in a road accident at Bengal Village, Corentyne.

Dead is 73-year-old Walter Jhondu of Epsom Village Corentyne.

The labourer died on Thursday, after being hit by a bus reportedly driven by an off-duty cop, at Bengal Village, Corentyne, the previous Thursday.

Jhondu had been hospitalised until the time of his demise.

His wife, Ginnet, says she was not there when the incident occurred, but her husband had related what transpired.

According to the widow, her husband had gone to the backdam at Bengal, to pick watermelons.

As he was leaving the backdam on his motorcycle, Jhondu was struck down by the bus, which was also exiting the backdam.

According to the widow, the driver picked up the man and took him back to his home, a few villages away. After doing so, the man then departed.

Ginnet said she was left to take her husband to the Port Mourant hospital, without any help from the police officer.

The woman said her husband suffered a double fracture to one of his legs in addition to internal injuries.

The woman said she had reported the incident to the police and was surprised that it was one week later that officers visited her, only after her husband had passed.

In fact, even though the accident was reported to the police, they did not attempt to contact the victim during the one week he remained alive.

Meanwhile, police in a statement, said the bus driver is in custody assisting with the investigations.