Commonwealth updated on Venezuela’s objection to ExxonMobil Rig operations


Oil Exploration Rig[] –The Commonwealth Secretariat has been updated on Venezuela’s objection to ExxonMobil conducting oil based operations in the Stabroek Bloc offshore the Essequibo Coast in Guyana.

On Wednesday, March 25 Commonwealth in a published statement noted that the Secretariat had received an update from Guyana on recent developments concerning the challenge to petroleum exploration within what Guyana maintains to be its exclusive economic zone.

According to the Commonwealth website, the Body, “recalled the Commonwealth’s consistent and unequivocal support for the preservation of Guyana’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and said that Guyana’s concerns had been brought to the attention of all Commonwealth member states.”

It was noted that Commonwealth has remained engaged with the issue and look forward to the settlement of differences bilaterally through dialogue and cooperation.

Earlier this month, officials from the Local United States Embassy confirmed that to date there has been no interference in the work of ExxonMobil by Guyana’s neighbour to the west, Venezuela.

Venezuela had raised strong objections to ExxonMobil drilling in the Stabroek Block offshore the Essequibo Coast citing that the area was currently the subject of a territorial dispute between Guyana and Venezuela.

On March 17 US Embassy officials confirmed that thus far, ExxonMobil which is a US Company has not reported any interference from Venezuela despite its earlier rejections.




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