Coalition rejects OAS report, says only CARICOM credible

Joseph Harmon

General Secretary for the coalition A Partnership for National Unity, (APNU), Joseph Harmon on Friday called the Organisation of American States’ (OAS) most recent statement on Guyana’s electoral process ‘foreign interference.’

In fact, he argued that only the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Observer Team will make a credible assessment of the electoral process.

According to Harmon, APNU/AFC trusts that the Caricom team “will make an honest assessment of what they saw” and that they would submit a report to GECOM that speaks to the credibility of the process.

But asked to respond to the OAS report since those observers would have also been on the ground at the venue witnessing the activity from day one, Harmon suggested that they were not as involved.

Referencing the OAS, he told media operatives “other persons who are sitting on the outskirts observing things and making declarations even while the process is still going; to preempt a ruling of a Chairman of the Elections Commission is in my view stepping beyond just international relations and is stepping into the bounds, in my view of interference.”

The OAS, in its latest statement, called for a peaceful transition of power.

According to the OAS in its report earlier this week, “the people of Guyana have been patient and they now deserve a peaceful transition of Government based on the majority vote as reflected in the recount and in support of democracy and the rule of law, which all OAS member states expect to be upheld.”

The OAS Mission also said it has no reason to doubt that the results emanating from the recount will be credible.

As such, it said, “a declaration based on these results would lead to the installation of a legitimate Government.”