City Hall decentralises services to meet citizens


city-hall[] – In an effort to re-energise cooperation between the Mayor and City Council (M&CC) and residents of Georgetown, City Hall has decided to decentralise its services.

A release noted that newly appointed Town Clerk Royston King in his administrative capacity has decided to make Council officials available to citizens at least twice a week and has placed them in strategic locations, making them more accessible.

The Town Clerk said that, “the city has to be reorganised into manageable areas to provide more efficient and effective services to citizens.”

For this initiative, he said, Georgetown has been separated into northern and southern sections.

“Two assistant Town Clerks; Sharon Harry-Munroe and Sherry Gerrick will be available with a team of senior officers.” These officers, King explained will come from all departments of the Council such as the City Constabulary and Public Health arms. Harry- Munroe will be placed in the northern end at the Cummings Lodge Community Centre, while Gerrick will be at the Agricola Community Centre on the southern end.

The officers are expected to provide consultations and meetings with citizens seeking assistance or clarity on any issue consistent with the responsibilities of the City Council. This may include information on rates and taxes, property issues, environmental and public health issues among others.

King said the officers will be open to suggestions from the public and information which will be taken back to the Council.

The officers will be available from July 24 and will be at the centres every Tuesday and Thursday from the following week; regular working hours.

“We are now going to going to the citizens rather than waiting on them to come to us. We are providing core municipal services and we see our citizens as valuable and important that’s why we are moving into their local communities.”

King said the initiative is also to benefit especially, “our valued and respected senior citizens,” who might not be able to get all the way to Council in the heart of the city.

This idea, he said, is just one of the ways the M&CC plans to reconnect with the citizens of Georgetown, to build strong and lasting partnerships and to return the city to its prized state.





  1. The Georgetown City Council Business MUST Be Held Therein:

    That is why such building/s were Constructed.

    This location historically have always been the rendezvous for matters pertaining to the City Municipality, in Georgetown and its’ environs.

    Moving or relocating the Official Business Transactions and Face To Face Interaction with Tax Payers, to other locations is Costly, Ridiculous, Irrational, and does not validate the explanations given at all.


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