Citizens urged again to preserve monuments and heritage sites


[] – While highlighting the improvements to several monuments in 2013, Culture Minister Dr. Frank Anthony has called on all Guyanese to do their utmost to ensure that all monuments are preserved and protected.

According to him, there currently exist too much vandalism and indiscriminate dumping of refuse in the vicinity of monuments across the country.

He said people must understand the value of monuments and cherish the history which it symbolizes.

“If we don’t have that kind of national consciousness, then I am afraid that a lot of our monuments will be continuously defaced,” he said.

Speaking in relation to the improvements to monuments, Dr. Anthony pointed to the restoration of the fountain at the 1763 Monument and the construction of the resource center aback the monument.

He said a fence is also being built around the Enmore Martyrs Monument to deter further vandalism.

Meanwhile, the Minister told reporters that the burial site for the 15 sugar workers who were killed in 1915 in Rosehall during an uprising was found and efforts are being made to construct a monument there.

It is the hope that the monument will resurrect a level of consciousness of the struggles that helped to build the community. [Kurt Campbell]



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