Citizens reject APNU’s AML amendments – iNews Poll


Chart[] – A poll conducted by iNews has found that majority of citizens are not in agreement with at least one of the three major amendments proposed to the Anti – Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Act by A Partnership for National Unity (APNU).

During the poll, persons were asked “are you in favour of the Opposition’s proposal that Guyanese and local businesses should not be allowed to take around more than $2M” to which 72% percent of participants voted no, 26% voted yes and a mere two percent were undecided.

The APNU over the last week has come under heavy criticism for their proposed amendments to the Principal Act by the government, private sector and wider citizenry. 

Among the amendments are for Police and Customs Officers to have the power to seize currency worth over $2M (US$10,000) and arrest persons if it is suspected that it is the proceeds of or the subject of money laundering.

Additionally, APNU also proposed that the Finance Minister no longer have the power to appoint the Director of Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) and be placed in a committee of the National Assembly.

They further proposed the establishment of an authority comprising 10 persons nominated by the National Assembly after consulting with stakeholders.

But despite the mixed views on the proposed amendments APNU maintains that their aim is to ensure better governance and that the Act is enforceable.

The Party appears to be holding tight to the finalization of the amendments which is currently being drafted by the Chief Parliamentary Counsel.



  1. dis poll was rigged fo dis results , ah hope you publish this story “State Department report”

  2. I don’t see how the average Guyanese citizen can have a problem with these amendments. If you’re involved in legitimate business activates, the amendments should be welcomed. OUR ECONOMY IS TOO DEPENDENT ON CORRUPTION!!!


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