“Chow Pow’s” daughter wants him to receive “fit” punishment for assaulting her

Local comedian Kirk Jardine, popularly known as ‘Chow Pow’, outside of the Georgetown Magistrates' Court

Aniyah Jardine, a 22-year-old woman, has requested that a city magistrate impose a “fit” penalty on her father, whom she alleges had assaulted her.

Well-known comedian Kirk Jardine, popularly known as “Chow Pow,” is that father; and Aniyah Jardine, having accused him of abusing her, is unrelenting in her pursuit of legal action against him.

“Would you like to send your father to jail for assaulting you?” Senior Magistrate Dylon Bess asked her at commencement of the trial. “I want him to receive a punishment that is fit,” responded the young woman.

The trial will now proceed in court in light of Aniyah’s response. However, Kirk’s attorney, Khemraj Ramjattan, had asked for an adjournment so that he could attend the Budget 2024 Debates, which began last Monday; therefore, the trial could not commence on that day.

Kirk’s trial is now planned for April 8, 2024, if he and his daughter are by then unable to settle their differences. According to Kirk’s previous lawyer, Paul Fung-a-Fat, the father and daughter might be considering using probation services to work out their differences.

Attorney Ramjattan will provide the court with an update on any developments in this case at the upcoming hearing. To maintain the peace, Kirk and his daughter have been placed on a bond.

The 57-year-old Kirk Jardine, a resident of South Ruimveldt in Georgetown, has entered a not guilty plea to a charge alleging that he assaulted Aniyah on Friday, October 27, 2023 in Georgetown. He was placed on bail in the sum of $50,000 during his initial court appearance last year; and among the conditions stipulated therein are that he must not speak to his daughter, and must stay 100 yards away from her.

The Police prosecutor had contested Kirk’s bail by pointing out that the offence was serious and prevalent, but his counsel Ramjattan had described the situation as “unfortunate,” stressing that his client is a loving father who was attempting to manage the situation with his child and ex-son-in-law.

This pubilcation understands that the young woman had made a report against her ex-boyfriend at the East Ruimveldt Police Station when she was assaulted by her father. The details of that report were not made available; but, according to reports, her father had visited the station and questioned her regarding the report she had filed against her ex-partner.

It is reported that the young woman had departed the Police station without divulging any information regarding the report; and while she was strolling along the street, her father had allegedly driven up beside her in his car and told her to get inside. When she refused to get into his car, Kirk had allegedly grabbed her and began cuffing her in the face. He had also allegedly slammed her into the vehicle.

When the woman began crying for assistance, neighbours phoned the Police, and Kirk was arrested. The young woman had had to be taken to the hospital for medical treatment.