Chile to open embassy in Guyana

Chilean Ambassador Fernando Scmith and President Donald Ramotar


Chilean Ambassador Fernando Scmith and President Donald Ramotar
Chilean Ambassador Fernando Scmith and President Donald Ramotar

[] – Non-resident Chilean Ambassador, Fernando Scmith presented his Letters of Credence to President Donald Ramotar yesterday, Wednesday, October 15.

The decision of the South American nation to establish an embassy locally was also welcomed by President Ramotar who noted that since the establishment of formal ties in 1971, relations have always been warm and cordial.

The fact that both countries recognise the value of “South South” cooperation was noted by the president.

“Our two countries are also as one with respect to the firm adherence to the value of democracy, respect for human rights, the rule of law and the sanctity of treaties”.

Given the shared positions and interest of the two countries, President Ramotar added that together much more can be done towards achieving an “enduring dynamic partnership”.

The decision of his government to open it first embassy, locally was described as a turning point in relations between the two nations, by Chile’s new ambassador.

This is consistent with his country’s pro-active approach to enhancing its ties throughout the region, he noted as he cited an “Open skies” agreement and a memorandum of understanding in mining, two of several areas being worked on.

He also made mention of the forum organised by the Chilean Cooperation Agency, intended to promote South-South ties. Ambassador Scmith said, that given the possibility that he may be the last non-resident ambassador from Chile, “speaks categorically about the will of my country and government to upgrade the level of exchange between us to benefit a more coherent and united continent.” [Extracted and modified from GINA]



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