Pregnant 12 – year – old now in protective care



 By Leroy Smith

Teenage pregnancy[] – Director of the Child Care and Protection Agency (CCPA), Ann Greene has confirmed that the 12 – year – old pregnant child has been removed from the Georgetown Public Hospital and is now in protective care.

During an interview with iNews, Greene explained that the child was removed from the health facility since she is not fully ready to give birth but  is being closely monitored.

On Tuesday, the CCPA handed over the stepfather of the child to the police, after he is accused of impregnating her.

Greene said the department is already making provisions to ensure that the child receives the best care and necessary attention required especially at this stage in her life.

The young lady was reportedly raped by her stepfather earlier this year and according to information received, the mother of the child has been trying to cover up the matter.

The mother also allegedly attempted to pin the pregnancy on a young man from Lethem. Police sources indicated that the child is already changing her story of how she became pregnant.

The matter is under active investigation by both the CCPA and the Guyana Police Force.



  1. reguarless of race or religion raping and buggering is bad it not only brings down a person self esteem but its also very very very painful n harmful to the vicitim health.

  2. Let it had been a Government person then u should see how the opposition would move to get the that person out of position. The young man is now sued by they politician lol.

  3. well well well very well..if the mother know she got pregy by a letem boy..
    let the mother go find the letem boy or carry polce to de letem boy.
    if she cant do dat then she should be charged for being an accomplish to child rape..its in the news a lot lately that a 12 year old boy was allegedly buggered by a high profile politician..they so call human rights and champions of children rights not rushing to the young mad side to get his side..they court sided with the high profile politician and placed a gag on the victim but the high profile politician party people and his layers can talk and call the victim a nut and mentally whako and liar
    . thats justice for you..the court saying two things here..
    you are a high profile citizen go bugger whom u like..come here and we will gag them from talking…
    the court is also saying if you are buggered / raped go die because we believe u r a liar and u r a nut and mental case u poor sap go die somewhere.
    the court of guyana..yes our court..our justice system..


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