Child Rights Commission hands over 2012 report to Parliament

Speaker of the National Assembly, Raphael Trotman received the report.

[] – The Rights of the Child Commission (ROC) on Wednesday, February 11 handed over its Annual Report for the year 2012 to Speaker of the National Assembly, Raphael Trotman at Parliament Building Georgetown.

Speaking at the handing over ceremony, House Speaker Trotman explained that although Parliament is currently prorogued, it still exists as an institution.

He said he was pleased to accept the report in keeping with the constitutional mandate. He further expressed gratitude to the Commission, on behalf of the National Assembly, for the outstanding work being done and lauded the Commission.

In light of the current status of the National Assembly, the Speaker said that copies of the Report will be circulated to all Members of Parliament.

Chairperson of the ROC , Aleema Nasir, in handing over the report, noted that it encapsulated the “endeavours and achievements of the Commission for the year 2012 in pursuit of the protection, education and empowerment of the children of Guyana.”

She also noted that of special prominence in this reporting period would be the launching of the Commission 2012-2016 strategic plan. This, she said, is a landmark document which guides the crafting of the annual work plans in the specified period.

The Rights of the Child Commission was established as one of a group of “Rights” Commissions in 2001. Its goals are, among others things, “to strengthen social justice and the rule of law”.