NIS seeks ‘ghost’ contributors

Cabinet Secretary and Chairman of NIS, Dr Roger Luncheon

[] – Chairman of the National Insurance Scheme, Dr Roger Luncheon revealed that NIS has collected over 1.1 million contributions from Guyanese across the country but is not sure of who the beneficiaries are.

Dr Luncheon, who is also the Cabinet Secretary, told reporters at a news conference on Wednesday, February 12 that 100% of all NIS records of contributions have been entered into the new electronic system.

However, he expressed his displeasure at the fact that the final report of the data entry and verification project revealed a large number of unverified contributions which means that beneficiaries are not likely to receive their benefits.

“So NIS has the money but no one to pay it out to,” Dr Luncheon said.

He explained that while there is little that NIS can do, incisive action will be taken to identify contributors with deficiencies to see if they can be mapped with the unverified contributions received.

Meanwhile, as it relates to the overall operation of NIS, Dr Luncheon noted that the institution is financially sound but pointed out that more needs to be done in the area of collecting outstanding debts.