Carpenter sentenced to three months for simple larceny


Jail-Bars-and-Cuffs[] – A 43 – year – old carpenter has been sentenced to three months imprisonment by Magistrate Alex Moore after he was found guilty of simple larceny.

Greggory Bharamdeo of 29 Anaira Street, Queenstown was found guilty of the charge which stated that between May 13 and May 14, 2015 at First Street, Alberttown, he stole battery valued $80,000 property of the Virtual Complainant (VC), Rejan Fernandez.

On the day of the incident, the VC reportedly parked his motor canter in front of his home and retired to bed. He awoke the next day and observed the battery missing from the canter. A check of the CCTV footage of a nearby building revealed the accused removing the item. He was arrested and charged and brought before the court.

The Magistrate sentenced the accused to three months in prison as well as an order to compensate the VC with $85,000. If he fails to pay the VC, it will result in an additional three months being added to the sentence.



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