Pandit jailed for fraud


fraud-logo[] – A 64 – year – old Pandit was on Monday, December 07 sentenced to serve one year in prison after he was found guilty of a fraudulent conversion charge by Magistrate Annet Singh.

Pandit Krishna Lall Persaud, of Area M Diamond, East Bank Demerara was before the Court on a charge which read that between July 1, 2013 and July 31, 2015 while being solely entrusted by the Virtual Complainant (VC), Pandit Mavlankar Nohar with the sum of US$8,000 for safe keeping, he fraudulently converted same to his own use and benefit.

The court heard that the VC and the defendant are known to each other as they are of the same religious fraternity. Police Prosecutor, Adduni Innis related that the VC is an overseas based Guyanese who usually travels to Guyana and spends time at the defendant’s home.

During the period in question, the VC gave the defendant US$8,000 for safe keeping. When the VC returned to Guyana and requested that the money be returned, the defendant told him that he kept the money hidden in a plastic bag which his wife accidentally burnt. A report was made and the defendant was arrested and charged.

The Pandit in his defense stated that the VC usually travels to Guyana from time to time and he would stay at his home for a monthly cost of GYD$120,000. He further related that the VC asked him to borrow a sum of cash but he refused as he did not have the amount requested.

The Magistrate found the defendant guilty and sentenced him to one year in prison.



  1. Pandit jailed for fraud
    Headline should read “Bandit Pandit jailed for fraud”
    The other one should be jailed too for being “stupid” lol

  2. KK the OB wont answer you: He knows if a racist comment:: The OB true colors do come out once in a while while trying to play the nice blogger here and in SN. But they just cant help themselves since racism is in his genes.

  3. Maybe this was the pandit that is advising Ramjattan about the National Holidays. Smh…its not funny but it made me chuckled when i thought about it. Well now i guess he has to find another one.


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