Carpenter remanded for murder of soldier, girlfriend

L-R: Accused Koabe Grant, Sheniqua Hodge, and Daniel Fraser
L-R: Accused Koabe Grant, Sheniqua Hodge, and Daniel Fraser

Following an alleged confession, the Guyana Police Force (GPF) has charged 23-year-old Koabe Grant with the murders of a Guyana Defence Force (GDF) Lance Corporal and his girlfriend.

The double murder accused was arraigned before Magistrate Rochelle Liverpool on Monday at the Sparendaam Magistrate’s Court.

Grant was not required to plead to the indictable charge which alleged that on September 1, at Sophia, Greater Georgetown, he murdered 26-year-old Daniel Fraser and his girlfriend, Sheniqua Hodge. He was remanded to prison until October 30.

Police Headquarters said that Grant confessed to killing the soldier and his 23-year-old girlfriend. During interrogations, he reportedly told detectives that Fraser and two other men allegedly raped his close relative.

He reportedly told ranks that at around 20:30h on September 1, he left his mother’s Meadow Brook, Georgetown home, and went to the residence of the alleged rape victim.

He said he later left the relatives home on a black BMX bicycle and was on his way to visit a friend when he saw Fraser imbibing at a shop in ‘C’ Field, Sophia. He claimed that the soldier threatened him while making derogatory remarks about his relative whom he allegedly raped.

As such, Grant reportedly told ranks that he went back to his mother’s house and collected a handgun which he found some time back at the Black Bridge in Sophia. He then went back to the friend’s home and while approaching a bridge that leads to ‘C’ Field Sophia, Fraser and a few other persons were about to cross the said bridge, and as such, he turned back and went to ‘B’ Field, Sophia.

Shortly after, he reportedly saw Fraser and Hodge on a motorcycle. Another man was behind them on another motorcycle, he added.

He related that upon seeing him, Fraser shouted, “Look he deh hey.”

At that time, Grant reportedly told ranks that he whipped out the gun from the crotch of his pants and discharged several rounds in the direction of the couple.

After committing the act, he claimed that he dropped the gun and escaped into ‘A’ Field Sophia, where he took off his clothes, left them on a dam, and went back to his mother’s home, where he remained until he was arrested last week Wednesday.

Reports are that investigators were able to confirm that Grant’s relative did make a report on May 27, 2021, that she was allegedly raped by Fraser and another member of the GDF.

In that report, she claimed that the incident took place in February 2021, but out of embarrassment, she had refused to seek medical attention. The rape matter is still being investigated.