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Bolt slapping butts and missing bar tabs

Usain Bolt
Usain Bolt

[Daily Mail] – Usain Bolt looked to be having a blast at Lil Wayne’s raunchy birthday party at a Miami nightclub.

The Olympic runner was captured on film spanking a stripper’s bottom as he kicked back at FDR over the weekend to help celebrate the rapper’s big day.

In a video obtained by TMZ, Usain and his crew were spotted at the bash as a scantily-clad lady shook her behind in their direction, and they were seen slipping money into her underwear.

However, the fastest man on the planet didn’t stop there — grinning as he leaned forward to slap her bum while his friends kept giving her dollar bills.

Meanwhile, earlier this month Usain accidentally dashed off without paying a $15,000 bar tab after partying at new London nightspot, Drama — and none of the club’s staff were sprightly enough to catch up with him and demand a payment.

The Jamaican sprinter, 29, had enjoyed a night out at the new Mayfair club over the weekend, where he even joined the club’s DJ in behind the decks while celebs including Daisy Lowe and Lindsay Lohan partied nearby.

Realizing the following day that he’d jumped the gun with his swift exit, Bolt, who scored his 10th world championship gold medal last month, returned to the club in person to rectify his mistake.


“I ate the snakes” – man tells court


snake[Trinidad Express] – A 27-year-old gardener arrested and charged with having a dead boa constrictor snake and the skin from another, told police he had already eaten one snake and planned to eat the other.

The man said the snake “tasted like shark”.

The arrest happened a day before the two year moratorium on hunting was lifted at midnight on Wednesday.

Police reports are that around 8.30 p.m., they informed by Forester I Kishan Ramcharan that someone was in possession of the protected snake carcass. Police officers from the Rio Claro CID, Constables Naim Mohammed and Vishal Rampersad conducted a sting operation pretending to be customers interested in purchasing the snake.

The officers met the gardener near his home at Cunapo Southern Main Road Rio Claro where he had in his possession a crocus bag containing the carcass of one macajuel snake approximately 3.7 metres in length and the skin of another macajuel snake almost the same length.

The officers identified themselves and told the gardener the snakes were protected under the Wildlife Conservation Act. Police said the man admitted that he got the snakes from someone and was using it for his personal consumption. When questioned about the skin, he said he already consumed the carcass from that snake.

He was arrested and taken to the Rio Claro Police Station. He appeared at the Rio Claro Magistrate’s court on Wednesday where he pleaded guilty to two charges: possession of the carcass of a prohibited animal and possession of the skin of a prohibited animal.

He was fined $1,000 for each offence.


Don’t panic – Rowley


Keith Rowley
Keith Rowley

[Trinidad Express] – DO not panic, Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley has advised citizens.

Rowley said although citizens have “not yet understood the seriousness of what we are facing”, the country will get through the challenges.

According to the latest Ryder Scott report, this country has some 12 years of natural gas left, Rowley said.

Major investors from Point Lisas are “very concerned” by the gas shortage, Rowley said.

Rowley made the statements yesterday as he visited the i95.5FM studio yesterday, in keeping with a promise he made before the September 7 general election that he would have his first radio interview as Prime Minister there.

Rowley said tax dollars have been spent “unnecessarily”.

“The taxpayers of this country have been spending a lot of money unnecessarily, I don’t want to say waste, but there are a number of areas where we are just spending money on items. Now we don’t have the money, this country has not yet understood the seriousness of what we are facing. The price of oil is at US$40. We have pegged our quality of life at US$80 or US$100.


Cops seize 400 pounds of ganja, 17 barrels of fuel in Hanover

File Photo
File Photo

[Jamaica Observer] – The police yesterday arrested a man in connection with the seizure of several barrels of fuel and 400 pounds of ganja on Mosquito Cove Road in Lucea, Hanover.

Reports are that between 12 midday and 4:00 pm, a police team conducted an operation in the area, during which 400 pounds of ganja and 17 barrels of diesel oil were found hidden in bushes near the sea.

The police say the identity of the man in custody is being withheld at this time.


Brazil Whatsapp Mayor surrenders

2BDF1EB200000578-3218036-Missing_Brazilian_mayor_Lidiane_Leite_25_went_on_the_run_around_-a-12_1441103411497[BBC] – Lidiana Leite, the fugitive 25-year-old mayor of the Brazilian town of Bom Jardim, has turned herself in to police after more than a month on the run.

Police were searching for Ms Leite, whom prosecutors accuse of embezzling funds from the school system.

She became infamous for posting pictures of herself in glamorous locations while running the town remotely through WhatsApp.

She walked into a police station in the state capital Sao Luis on Monday.

High-rolling lifestyle

Brazilian media nicknamed her “Mayor Showoff” after she frequently posted pictures of herself drinking champagne and travelling in luxury cars.

Prosecutors allege that she financed her lifestyle through her involvement in a scheme which siphoned money off funds intended for school meals.

Investigators say they have evidence that some $4m (£2.6m) in funds for Bom Jardim’s schools went missing.

Teachers did not get paid and the town’s already precarious education system collapsed.

Ms Leite entered politics after her boyfriend at the time, Beto Rocha, was banned from running for office because of corruption allegations.

She stepped in and got elected as mayor of Bom Jardim, in the impoverished north-eastern state of Maranhao, in 2013.

Ms Leite chose Mr Rocha as her main adviser, and delegated many tasks to him, according to her lawyer.

“She was too young and and inexperienced when she took office,” he added.

She also moved 275km (170 miles) away from Bom Jardim to the state capital Sao Luis.

Prosecutors say Ms Leite’s only contact with the town’s authorities was through daily Whatsapp messages.

Local media reported Ms Leite agreed to turn herself in after being given assurances she would not be taken to the infamous Pedrinhas jail but that she would be held in a local fire station.


Brazil police accused of planting gun on shot teenager


_85837336_029382736[BBC] – Five Brazilian policemen have been arrested after mobile phone footage appeared to show an officer placing a gun in the hand of a teenager they had shot dead in a Rio de Janeiro favela.

The film, shared on social media, shows policemen standing over 17-year-old Eduardo Victor’s blood-stained body.

One of the officers appears to place a hand-gun in the dead youth’s hand.

Police say they had been attacked and acted in self defence, but the victim’s family say he was killed in cold blood.

The BBC’s Wyre Davies in Rio says police in the city are often accused of administering arbitrary justice against those they consider to be criminals.

A witness in the Providencia favela, or shantytown, told Brazil’s Globo TV network that the victim had surrendered.

“He was armed but he surrendered,” she said. “After he raised his hands, they shot him.”

In the video – shot by a local resident – a policeman places the gun into the dead boy’s hand and fires it into the air, possibly to give the impression that the boy had used it himself, our correspondent says.

However, a lawyer representing the officers said they were emptying the gun to make it safe.

In their version of events, police said the teenager was part of a gang that had attacked a police patrol in the favela.

The five officers were arrested and questioned for allegedly altering a crime scene.

Rio de Janeiro State Security Secretary Jose Mariano Beltrame issued a statement, condemning the killing and promising “exemplary punishment” for the officers involved.

The teenager’s funeral was held on Wednesday and some mourners carried banners condemning his killing.

Brazil has one of the highest murder rates in the world with more than 50,000 violent deaths last year.

About half of those killed are young black men and human rights groups accuse police of operating a policy of “shoot first, ask questions later”.

The police argue that they are often deliberately targeted by Rio’s powerful drugs gangs, some of which are more heavily armed than the police.



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