“Vindictive and nasty” – Former Housing Minister reacts to Pradoville Court Action


By Jomo Paul

prado[www.inewsguyana.com] – Former Housing Minister Irfaan Ali has described a motion filed in the High Court to quash the sale of house lots in Pradoville as “vindictive and nasty.”

The motion was filed by former APNU Member of Parliament (MP) Desmond Trotman, to have the sale of house lots to high profile businessmen and former government officials in the area reversed.

However, Ali believes that there is some ulterior motive behind the move. He told iNews in an exclusive interview on Thursday that he believes the motion infringes on the constitutional rights of those persons who own homes in Pradoville.

“This action that is perpetuated against these citizens of Guyana is directly infringing on their constitutional protection and rights. The ownership of property and the ownership by title of property are guaranteed under the constitution,” said the Former Housing Minister. 

Former Minister of Housing, Irfaan Ali.
Former Minister of Housing, Irfaan Ali.

He pointed out that the court action does not augur well if “this is the manner that former President and long standing public servants would be dealt with.”

“You can’t just decide that you are going to blatantly and in a venomous manner take away property from people who represented Guyana, are they going to be treated this way… are they going to file a motion against those who were allocated lands in Meadow Brook Gardens. Let us investigate the allocation of lands in Meadow Brook,” Ali urged.

He pointed out too that under the former PNC government, prime property was allocated to the family of Former President Forbes Burnham. Ali said when the PPP was elected to office in 1992; no moves were ever taken to deprive those persons of land.

“Is the motion just aimed at persons who would have served under the PPP government? Where will it end? Where is it going end? I have never seen a motion under the PPP government to take back titles allocated in Meadow Brook Gardens. The PPP respected the titles that were allocated to them, I have never seen a motion to repossess the ownership of the real estate allocated to the family of Forbes Burnham,” he stated.

Reports indicate that lands purchased in PradoVille one and two were sold at a minimum of $114 per square foot. Ordinary Guyanese pay some $317 per square foot of land.

“If this is where we want to take Guyana…this type of vindictive, nasty behavior will not take this country anywhere,” Ali said further defending the sale of lands.



  1. You find ways to prevent the man from the hood any opportunity to buy property in the same area where them rich dudes reside. It’s subtle segregation and exist all over the world, and it makes sense..

  2. So Cadogan is indian just like you I suppose. And you know what, he was not on the PPP parliamentary list like most of the fired indian ps. you and your lies for facts.

  3. we keep hearing about all these tax money that was stolen by the PPP, what happen this government don’t have competent people in there administration to recoup them are they still in election mode or will they get on with the people business or is this daily comedy a way of covering there incompetent

  4. Emile the only thing the new govt. have done so far is firing indians and replacing them with black. So what is u point. Just like how they fired them indian REO,s they should have also fired the black PS!s because they were all appointed by the ppp. But no they ( apnu) busy with ethic cleasnibg. That is the facts . Check the records.

  5. You are not Guyanese if you don’t know the many developed housing areas SOUTH and NORTH RVELT, fool, they were completed with running water in the top flat,in the early 70s today 23 yrs of doing nothing other than personal banking, you build a home and still after billions spent ??? to improve water you still flushing your shit with a bucket, NO home should have a tank,pump,and generator with the money SPENT on all these so call expansion dead projects. In the 70s under the hated PNC a 3 flat building 24 hrs had running water, PRADO vill with the mansion don’t have running water, SHAME SHAME

  6. Minister you look for that. When you guys was in power u empowerd the wrong the people now there are selling u guys out. I am talking about them ps, mcgarrel, nedd, jervis, king, baird, cummings, brotherson, Mckenzie.

  7. Does anyone even know how much housing schemes was fully developed by the PNC with houses and all utilities like light, water, phone, roads, drains etc. and given to PNC thugs and PNC riggers??????

  8. This is like the devil trying to accuse God of being vindictive for punishing sin.Like his father the devil the darkness of his mind obscures him from truth and reality and he calls that nasty. If they have broken the law , violated the constitutional rights of the people and engaged in preferential and corrupt practices to the detriment of other citizens as the the legal motion by Mr Trotman accuses them of,, he should be face the very punishment that awaits the devil. If he believes that he has done no wrong well then he must prove his innocence. and surely the innocent have nothing to fear. The facts concerning this matter has been clearly and articulately laid out, and darkness cannot overcome light. maybe that is what he is now recognizing or maybe his understanding of truth and reality is perverted like those who cannot and will not see. .

  9. Ok you should calm down or you will have a heart attack….with all the vermon coming out of your mouth…Nick…let’s not forget how much money the Bar RAT and his cronies stole from tax payers….may I add there in nothing dishonest and jealous about what is about to happen!!

  10. Why didn’t he allow ordinary Guyanese to buy into Pradoville II? Some people actually like and vote for the PPP for purely race reasons, because there is nothing the PPP did for ordinary Guyanese during the Jagdeo-Ramotar era.

  11. Many leaders who did similar nasty deals like the DR of distruction BJ all paid a price,Sadam is one good example, the deaths of many and the distruction of many families from all walks of life will catch up with him one day, ALMIGHTY is behind him for sure, tell this nation how can you be clean minded and so good and never had a simple woman by your side, every good man has a great woman by his side. Not even a last lady. Could anybody be that evil ?

  12. According to Nick, it is jealously. Why should these crooks pay $114 per square foot, which is less than half the price, when people like Nick would have to pay $317 per square foot , or maybe Nick is in the $114 bracket. It is ABSOLUTE RAPE of the Guyanese population.

  13. Vindictive and nasty Mr Ally? Mr Ally failed to realized that 100s of million of tax payers dollars was used to develop Pradoville 2 , Mr Ally I think you should retract that statement .

  14. It is jealousy and low-life nasty minded PNC trying all they can to hold the Doctor of Politics, BJ down…..he wont give up easily…hundreds of thousands of clean minded guyanese and the almighty is behind him. He will overcome you nasty minded PNC ites


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