Captured! ‘Wanted man’ “Brukup” in custody for Bank of Baroda robbery

Captured: Shawn Harris, called “Shawny” or “Brukup”

Crime Chief, Wendell Blanhum has this afternoon confirmed that ‘Wanted man’ Shawn Harris, called “Shawny” or “Brukup” is currently in police custody where he is being grilled by law enforcement authorities in connection with the robbery of the Bank of Baroda (Mon Repos Branch) about two week ago.

INews understands that Shawn Harris, called “Shawny” or “Brukup” of Lot 40 Bougainvillea Park, East Bank Demerara is expected to be charged soon. In addition, the suspect is being questioned in connection with other crimes including, murders.

Still on the run: Timothy Asher Morrison
Still on the run: Timothy Asher Morrison
Captured: Shawn Harris, called “Shawny” or “Brukup”
Captured: Shawn Harris, called “Shawny” or “Brukup”

Thus far, Sean Anthony Aaron, 34, of Lot 317 North East La Penitence, Georgetown; Kennard Jabar, 28, of Lot 88 Freeman Street, East La Penitence, and Eon Campbell, 39, were charged for the robbery.

According to information, four bandits invaded the Bank located on the ground floor of the Mon Repos Mall at about 12:50h, and relieved the female security guard of her .32 service revolver.

The men then held two female tellers at gunpoint and relieved them of an undisclosed amount of cash.

After committing the robbery, the four men escaped in a waiting Toyota Primo car bearing licence plate PNN 8984 that was said to be false.

Upon receiving the report, the Police swiftly erected road blocks at strategic locations but the car was not seen. However, due to effective investigation by police, they were able to arrest one suspect who furnished them with information that led to the arrest of two others, including a tint workshop owner.

Meanwhile, the police had issued wanted bulletin for Harris and Timothy Asher Morrison. With Harris in custody, police are on the lookout for Morrison and as such, anyone with information that may lead to the arrest of the wanted man are asked to contact the police on 229-2289, 229-2557, 229-2700 to 3, 226-9941, 225-6411, 911 or the nearest Police station.




  1. I can’t understand, our dear president put the AFC Ramjattan n told him he must keep his eye on the crime situation. Every one saying all kind of bad things about the man. But we need to understand Ramjattan when u think he looking at the crime he’s not. The gat a cock eye so he fooling granger telling him he eye deh focusing on crime but I reality he eye deh looking some way else. Some person did knew, they were at a dinner n they accusing Ramjattan looking at them wife which wasn’t truth.

  2. Great job to the JS,now we will see him wanted again next week,the courts will fail again,Anand did you ask jenny West and team to return her millions,,this is a CAREER CRIMINAL jenny was a trusted public servent from the most honest party

  3. Hope Granger does not release these scumbags as they will carry on with what they are good at; robbery with violence including murder.They believe that there is no dignity in honest work so they take what belongs to others by brute force or even murder. Send them to the Mazaruni prison for a long long time. Let them work for their food and lodging while there. Hard labour day after day would be the best sentence


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