GWI issues Advisory…Georgetown customers to be affected from tonight


The Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI), is advising customers of another decrease in the level of the East Demerara Water Conservancy (EDWC) due to the prolonged dry season.

gwiAs a result, GWI says it will be reducing service provided to customers of Georgetown via the Shelter-Belt Water Treatment Facility from 22:00hours (10:00PM), commencing today, Wednesday February 3, 2016.

In light of this advisory, GWI customers are asked to store water.

GWI says it also wishes to remind customers of the need to ensure that water for food preparation, brushing of teeth, etc is stored in a tightly covered container to avoid contamination.

Customers country-wide are reminded to implement the following water conservation methods:

  • Citizens are asked to CHECK ALL internal plumbing for leaks (including toilet cisterns, taps, etc.)
  • REDUCE the amount of times in which you wash your car, equipment, etc. with water supplied by GWI
  • DESIST from washing concrete surfaces (such as your yard or bridge) with water provided by GWI
  • IMMEDIATELY install ‘float-valves’ in water tanks to prevent overflows
  • Contact GWI IMMEDIATELY to report leaks detected in your community on 227-8701, 227-8703 or 227-8704







  1. All that info is nice to help the problem but you should stop all them Car Wash around the country and in Georgetown that is wasting water whole day and making terrible noise with the pressure-washer whole day till in the night… sometimes after 9 pm. Working people need some peace and quiet when they get home from work. What is the ministry doing about all of them. I guess anybody can just open a car wash between people homes and start making their lives a living hell from 7 in the morning till 9 at night. If they try that next to a Minister house they would be shutdown before they even open plus I am sure with 7 or more workers they are not paying NIS or taxes. I do hope the government look into this very soon just like the rum shops.

  2. Guyana, land of many waters. Only a short while ago, fresh water was discharged into the Atlantic Ocean via the Seven door Sluice on the ECD. Guyana needs to have extra large reservoir for the said reason; prolonged dry spell so that there will always be enough water for the citizens in GT and surrounding areas ECD/WBD. These storage areas would have connecting canals to service these areas with the least cost as possible and without disruption. It must not be taken for granted that there will always be ample supply of water especially when the rain returns. Climate change is real

  3. Ah did tell you all to start saving dem empty barrels because the moron at the GWI does not know what he doing–water shortage already more to come ppl.This is only the trailer–Old time something come back again this time to stay under these knuckle heads–

  4. GWI issues Advisory…Georgetown customers to be affected from tonight
    Back to the days of Bumham where they were giving you water and black out guide insted of tv guide.
    Well dont worry about this too much since Bunham son in law is the big man there..
    Have faith in he for he will get out the pasa pasa dancers to do the rain dance.


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