Capacity of GPF boosted with induction of new ranks …see photos


The capacity of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) has been strengthened as two batches of new ranks were inducted into the system on Friday.

Some 56 recruits from two batches who underwent an intense four-month training programme at the Felix Austin Police College will now embark on a career of serving and protecting the Guyanese public.

The training comprises; basic and essential principles of Policing, physical exercises, self-defence techniques and firearm training, as well as guidelines in human rights, moral, domestic violence and communication.

INews photographer, Carl Croker, was at the event and captured the following scenes:

dsc_1826 dsc_1830 dsc_1735

dsc_1746 dsc_1755 dsc_1758 dsc_1766 dsc_1782



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