Suspects confess to murdering Better Hope pensioner


One month after Ramkissoon David, 76, also called Dilip, of Lot 61 Better Hope South, East Coast Demerara (ECD), was found dead with his throat slit, two men were arrested in Plaisance, ECD on Friday.

Dead: Ramkissoon David
Dead: Ramkissoon David

According to reports reaching INews, the two men have confessed to the murder, telling Police that the heinous crime was committed during a robbery.

INews understands that during their confession, the men told investigators that after they realised that Ramkissoon was alone, they decided to carry out the robbery. Their intention was not to kill the elderly man but that became their only alternative.

Based on a tip-off, detectives on the ECD swooped down on a house in Plaisance and arrested the two men. Since there is a confession, the file will be sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions for recommendations.

The man was found on the evening of August 21, 2016 by his son after he returned home from an outing with his family. When he arrived home the house was reportedly in darkness, hence the young man thought his father had dropped to sleep and forgot to turn on the lights.

He went to the upper flat and switched on the light and checked his father’s room but found it was ransacked. He immediately called out to his father but there was no response. He continued to check the other bedrooms but they were also ransacked and it was at that time the man’s son realised that something was very wrong.

He raised an alarm and rushed to the lower flat where he saw his father sitting in a pool of blood as he faced the wall. Initial investigations revealed that a portion of the fence was cut opened and several torn white envelopes were found in the freezing compartment of the refrigerator. It was later discovered that the men carted off close to $6 million belonging to man they had killed.



  1. inews –why not publish the photos of these scum bags so we the ppl can know who they are? I do not understand why you ppl would not disclose the identities of these low lives-Whats the reason for not doing so?


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