Campaign for Aubrey Norton as PNC’s Leader ensues ahead of Congress



By Kurt Campbell

Aubrey Norton
Aubrey Norton

[]–A public campaign has started on Facebook and other social media websites, backing the nomination of longstanding People’s National Congress (PNC) member and former Parliamentarian Aubrey Norton to lead the Party.

While nominations remain open until Saturday July 12, iNews has learnt that Norton and Opposition Leader David Granger are so far the only two persons running for the leadership of the Party.

Sources from inside the PNC told iNews that a large number of members have already signaled their support for Norton. The source did not state what their dissatisfaction is with Granger, who has been leading the Party for the last four years.

When contacted, Norton said he will not comment on the matter until nominations are closed. He did not state whether he will accept the nomination.

Last week Granger told iNews that he was satisfied with the progress of the preparations of the upcoming 18th Biennial Congress 2014.

Meanwhile, General Secretary of the PNC/R Oscar Clarke told iNews that he too is satisfied for the Congress, which will be  held on July 25 – 27. He said he will offer more detailed comments after nominations are complete.APNU-formally-launched

The theme for this year’s congress is: “PNC/R for National Unity Governance and Development.”

Norton has been sidestepped several times from being accepted as a member of the National Assembly since the formation of the APNU in 2011.                          

The Linden, Region Ten strongman was overlooked recently when Jaipaul Sharma resigned from the House and on two previous occasions since 2011. He has accused a faction of the PNC of stymieing his upward mobility in the party owing to his support for Carl Greenidge, who had challenged Granger for the PNC’s leadership.

He is known for his vast knowledge in politics and foreign policy. Among other nominations are Cammie B.Ramsaroop for Party Chairperson, Volda Lawerence and George Norton for Vice chairman.



  1. prefer Aubrey Norton as leader—-he is a politician and will move the party forward and will get a lot of supporters…I back him 100%….he is a bright man.

  2. He did not state whether he will accept the nomination.
    made for lafffs hahahahahahha
    these pnc men are power hungry gluts..
    i wsh granger rigg it again to win it.
    granger cant win hearts minds and votes oh well so is anyone from pnc
    their past atrocities will forever haunt them.
    even with the backing of US at present they too have to think billions for them to install pnc again. say no confidence and pncafc dead as dead quack quack


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