Cabinet to deliberate on allegations of misconduct against AG

Attorney General Basil Williams

Director General of the Ministry of the Presidency, Joseph Harmon, has indicated that Cabinet will be looking into allegations of misconduct against Attorney General Basil Williams, which has reportedly resulted in at least 19 lawyers resigning during the course of four years.

The allegations were compiled in a letter and were addressed to members of the Government. The letter revealed that 19 lawyers have resigned from the Legal Affairs Ministry since 2015.

In the document, the employees called for a thorough probe into the operations of the Ministry. On Thursday, the Director General told the media that the issue is yet to be addressed at the level of Cabinet.

“This is something that just recently came out and so Cabinet would not have had an opportunity to deliberate on that. I’m not prepared to make any further statement on it until such time that Cabinet would have actually deliberated on the matter,” he stated.

Pointing to the large proportion of cases being lost by the Chambers in the courts, the employees recommended an investigation into claims of mismanagement and bad legal advice being followed.

Some of those lawyers who departed the Chambers include former Registrar and Solicitor General, Sita Ramlall, who was forced to move to the High Court last year over her pension and gratuity being withheld; and former Deputy Solicitor General, Prithima Kissoon, who sued for wrongful dismissal.

The AG has declined to comment on the allegations.



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