Cabinet terrified with increased road deaths; tougher penalties for errant drivers likely

Cabinet Secretary: Dr. Roger Luncheon
Cabinet Secretary: Dr. Roger Luncheon

[] – The Guyana Government on Wednesday (November 26), registered its concern with the rise in road deaths, largely involving pedestrians and says it is seriously considering legislative reforms, among other things, which could see the formulation of tougher penalties for errant drivers.

Speaking to the media this morning, Cabinet Secretary Dr. Roger Luncheon said the Executive’s deep concern was aroused when statistics in relation to the depressing situation was presented; showing that pedestrians were significantly more at risk.

Police stats at the end of October recorded a 33% increase in road fatalities with 113 deaths from 104 accidents.

The Force cited Pedestrians as the main road users affected with 50 such persons having lost their lives. In addition, 20 motor cyclists, 16 pedal cyclists, 11 drivers, 15 persons travelling in motor vehicles and one person being towed on a bicycle also lost their lives.accident 2

To this end, Dr. Luncheon said these stats reveal how dangerous Guyana’s roads have become, compared to previous years and other countries. He acknowledged that having more vehicles and new drivers on the roads along with traffic infractions are all contributing factors to the disheartening situation.

In this regard, the Cabinet Secretary says the government fully endorsed recommendations from a Cabinet Sub-Committee that was examining the phenomenon.

Among those recommendations are for legislative reform that will allow for easier prosecutions and defining of new offences; more sensitization which will result in making the roadways less hazardous and making policing more effective by increasing traffic ranks on the streets to ensure greater enforcement of existing laws.

The Cabinet Secretary said too that already the Ministry of Home Affairs has begun reform measures by adding to the list of ticket offenses, wrongdoings that previously never required a ticket being granted.

He also said that of concern is the high rate of non-payment of ticket fees.








  1. Dr. Luncheon Y U dont change your name to Christopher Columbus since is only now U R discovering what others knew long now.
    Since the days of Andrew the pnc crab louse father bunom rule the police were selling drivers license and in the 70s it used to be 10$ and now its 60 thousand . Go after them if U have the balls to. Go after those politicians who owns mini busses that limb people on a daily basis with impunity. Go after the traffic cops that make a fat living by shaking down innocent motorists just because they look like they have money while turning a blind eye to kit n kin knowing they have nothing to get from them. see the unpaid tickets that piled up there and U will see who they mostly are. ppp never listen to the cries of the majority because they are too busy appeasing the minority. get into the gutters and conduct undercover operations to catch the real big new laws will do it

  2. Dr. Luncheon, We must not forget that one of our biggest problems in road accidents is drinking and driving. An important point to note also is that the auto insurance companies are not doing enough. I strongly recommend that accident victims family be fairly compensated by the insurance company. Too often family members are left alone to foot all bills for their love ones. Insurance laws need to be reviewed.

  3. Would be interesting to analyse carefully to determine age, experience, time of day, state of driver etc to address issue realistically

  4. What them need to be concerned about is the many police officer who mini bus cause nuff accident and next day them back on the road. People who them bruck up got no recourse.

    The driver get no penalty and speeding as per usual.


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