Jagdeo never used executive jet service linked to US$620K find in Puerto Rico – Source


By Kurt Campbell

Former President Bharrat Jagdeo (R) and his successor President Donald Ramotar (L)
Former President Bharrat Jagdeo (R) and his successor President Donald Ramotar (L)

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Former President Bharrat Jagdeo never used the privately-owned executive jet service to travel to Puerto Rico, whose Guyanese owner has been arrested in the Caribbean Island allegedly with US$620,000 in his possession, a source at the former President’s Office has informed iNews.

Questions in relation to the Former President’s and his successor, President Donald Ramotar’s use of the service were raised at a press conference at the Office of the President this morning (Wednesday, November 26), hosted by Cabinet Secretary Dr. Roger Luncheon after the story was published in the local media.

Luncheon at the time said he could not provide the details in relation to either the former President or the sitting Head – of – State’s use of the service, if any, and how it was paid for but promised to provide the details as soon as possible.

Khamraj Lall
Khamraj Lall

However, a source close to Jagdeo has since clarified that he never used the service in question to travel to Puerto Rico.

In fact, Jagdeo never traveled to Puerto Rico on any private jet, the usually reliable source related. It is being alleged that Jagdeo traveled along with the current President to the Caribbean Island on the private jet, which is also said to be untrue.

The Guyanese Businessman, Khamraj Lall, was arrested in Puerto Rico on November 22 after the large sum of momey was found stashed in plastic bags aboard the aircraft en – route to Guyana.

According media reports from the Caribbean Island, the large sum of money had not been declared to US authorities and were detected during a routine search of the aircraft.

Lall was reportedly the passenger of a private plane that landed in Isla Verde on November 22.

It had stopped to refuel with the intention of continuing to Georgetown, Guyana according to information from the electronic file of the Federal Court.

US authorities require that sums over US$10,000 be reported.

Lall faces charges of falsely filling federal reports and smuggling more than US$600,000, the report said.





  1. One thing I would love to see.
    That is once any news media gets info on something and runs to the press with it without fact finding that news media must be fine one billion dollars and be shut down for one year. a second violation mean that news media never print ever again..dont tell me they will come with as new name…it will be the same players so people ent that stupid..they want jagdeo head so bad they will just say and do anything…there are many in ppp and out of ppp hate his guts because they were not the chosen ones to be president like he was..

  2. Ok so Mr. Lall, why couldn’t you make a wire transfer of those funds?? I and the entire Guyanese population eagerly await your statement on the source of those funds and intended recipient. For your sake I hope your story is as classy and shining as your private jet!!!

  3. The number of Dirty Associates that are been exposed every day, is clear testimony of how Clean are the Hijackers of Jagan’s party.
    Those decent persons who were either pushed out or left must be counting their lucky stars that they are safely away on high grounds.


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