Businessman bemoans lack of security at Guyoil following armed robbery


By Leroy Smith

The Guyoil Distribution Depot. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – A fuel retailer of the Guyana Oil Company (Guyoil) is of the view that if security arrangements at the company’s East Bank Demerara distribution depot were more organized, he would not have been robbed on Monday afternoon.

Businessman Jaiprakesh Katwaru, who operates a Guyoil retail service station on the West Bank Demerara was robbed of $2.5 million on Monday, March 09 at the Providence location.

He told iNews that retailers who show up with millions of dollars to purchase fuel are not allowed to enter the compound until their turn to have the trucks filled.

According to the businessman, as soon as he stopped his truck and attempted to disembark, a man walked up to him, placed a gun against his abdomen and took away the cash.

Katwaru stated that the gunman then joined his accomplice on a waiting motorcycle and hey made good their escape.

According to the man, this is the fourth time that he has been robbed since the establishment of his fuel service station as he noted that the last robbery had forced him and his family out of Guyana for ten years.

Over the years the Guyana Police Force has been urging persons to avoid moving around with lots of cash on their person and opt for a more safer method.